Mueller Stickum Grip Spray – Still Worth it In 2024?

If you are wondering if Mueller Stickum Grip spray is still good in 2024 then I will be answering you question and much more in today’s review.

Many grip aids are meant for those with sweaty hands. But how about those who have dry hands? This condition also weakens the grip of pole dancers, making them unable to perform moves that are essential to their dance routine.

Good thing there’s the Stickum Grip Spray from Mueller. Read on to know more about this product that’s meant for athletes suffering from dry hands.

The Mueller Stickum Spray is a grip aid that targets athletes in general. It can be used in gymnastics, hockey, golf, and other sports that require a reliable grip to play. It’s not specifically designed for pole dancing but it can still be used to improve pole grip.

Pole dancers who are used to using 45mm and 50mm poles will find this product useful if they feel like they’re losing grip. It’s also advisable for those who are into using Chinese poles and aerial hoops.

The product is best used with dry hands but it can also be used by those with sweaty palms. However, expect the product to be slightly less effective because it was specifically designed for those who have dry hands.

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How to use – Directions

Hold the can a foot away from your hands and press the nozzle to spray on the product. Let it sit for a few minutes until you feel the ‘tackiness’ taking effect.

PRO TIP: Don’t apply it directly on the dance pole. It doesn’t work that way.

As we’ve discussed, the Stickum Spray can be applied to sweaty hands. It won’t dry up your hands like what other products do but it certainly gives the same gripping effect. However, to achieve optimal effect, you may have to apply an antiperspirant first before using the Stickum Spray. On the other hand, the product will work really well on extremely dry hands.

You don’t have to reapply the product when you feel the effect is wearing off. Simply wet your hands with plain water and you’ll feel the stickiness reactivating.

Because the tact the product provides is very strong, it’s not advisable to be used on a static pole. It will be very hard to perform spinning moves as you usually do.

It’s best to do your warm-ups before applying the product. This way, you’ll know how wet your hands will get during the workout and you can gauge if you need to apply an antiperspirant first.


  • Improves grip for those who have dry hands
  • The effect can be reactivated with just water
  • Spray container prevents spillage
  • 4.oz container will last for 4-6 months of regular use


The product can be easily found online as it’s produced by a popular and established brand. You don’t have to look for specialty shops because it’s usually available in almost every sports shop you can find.

The Stickum Spray can be applied on both hands and feet but it can also be used on other parts of your body. Pole dancers can use a little on their legs to enhance their grip when doing inversions. It works best on spinning poles as it maintains your grip firm while you perform acrobatic tricks.

You don’t need to re-apply the product every now and then. Its effect lasts a long time and is usually reactivated with just water. It won’t likely cause an allergic reaction because it’s mainly made of tree resin which is organic. But to be sure, check out its ingredient list first to see if there are compounds you’re allergic to.

The product is packed in a spray container so there’s no need to worry about it spilling or evaporating.


The product seems to work for most users who are involved in sports like hockey, football, baseball, tennis, and weightlifting. However, some users find it unhelpful in pole dancing. It improves pole grip the moment you apply it but it gets greasy after some time.

Others find that the product provides too much stickiness. This makes it harder for them to perform spins on a static pole. This is the reason why it’s recommended to be used together with spinning dance poles.

Due to its strong tact, some say it’s hard to wash off. You won’t be able to completely rinse it with water alone. It may also leave a residue on the pole which can be removed with a glass or dance pole cleaner.

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The Stickum Spray from Mueller is a good and reliable grip aid that can be used in different sports activities aside from pole dancing. It’s cheaply priced at around $10 to $20, considering its lasting effect once you’ve applied it. It can also be reactivated with plain water, making it an even better bang for the buck compared to other grip aids.