iTAC2 Level 4 Sports Grip Roll On Stick Review

iTAC2 Stick It Level 4 roll on grip reviewSports grip has been widely used by athletes and sports enthusiasts in different disciplines to avoid injuries that can be caused by slipping or sliding as a result of having bad grip.

One product that promotes a firm grip which has helped pole dancers reliably is the Stick It Level 4 ‘Total Absolute Control’ from iTAC2 which comes in a 12-gram roll-on stick.

This particular on-stick sports grip is formulated using iTAC’s reputable formula, making it easy to apply on the body without the mess of normal gripping aids you have experienced.
And for a firmer control, the formulation is also water-repellent, which means that it offers a full grip on the pole or sports equipment.

Total Control Sports Grip Roll from iTAC2 is available in a 12-gram compact package featuring the same formulation that has been used by the brand their other successful grip products.

The great thing about this addition that allows the use of easy to apply application, leaving no mess on your skin.

You can apply the roll-on stick on your body or hands.

As an extra-strength product from iTAC2, you can count on a super-strength grip that can work for different applications and activities.

Also, you can count on a unique formulation that’s water-repellent, which means that you can use it anytime, even during rainy conditions.


Features of Stickit

  • Roll-on stick
  • Comes in 12 grams
  • Portable packaging, best for busy pole dancers on the go
  • Extra-strength and water-repellent
  • Best for pole dancing and aerial dancing

Pros and Cons of the iTAC2 Level 4 Sports Grip


  • If you’re a busy pole dancer and you want immediate gripping solution and help, then this iTAC2 offering is one of the best in the market.
  • iTAC2’s stickit is making it possible for you to use it in almost any weather condition. It’s easy to apply on your skin, especially your hands. Also, it remains on the skin for a longer period compared to other sports grip.
  • Another great feature of this product its its portability – it’s very handy as it can be easily kept in a purse or bag. In short, you have full control as this sports grip gets even better as you dance.
  • Stickit sports grip is advertised as a pole dancer’s friend, it can actually work for different types of sporting disciplines and activities, including but not limited to golf, tennis, football, paddle boarding, kayaking, baseball and many other sports.


  • Although it offers an extra-strength formulation, it comes in a small container making it easier for it to get lost.
  • Some customers have also noticed that after using this product, some residue remains on their hands, and it’s difficult to wash it off.


This one from iTAC2 that offers extra-strength grip for pole dancers thanks to its unique formulation that has made a name for itself in the industry, making it a great partner for pole dancers and sports enthusiasts.

Use it and pole dancers can grip the pole with higher confidence, higher level of accuracy and conserved energy.

With this sports grip, there is no need to consume all your energy and tire yourself just to grip the pole when sweating.

Available at $11 and a 12-gram packaging, this extra-strength product from iTAC2 delivers the results when you need it.