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Things That Will Kill Your Pole Dance Progress

Do you feel like you’re not making any progress in your pole dancing skills? If your answer is yes, it’s probably because you’re unknowingly doing things that inhibit your growth. I know this from my personal experience because I’ve been a victim …
lose weight with pole dancing

9 Benefits of Pole Dancing You Wouldn’t Expect

Just like any other form of exercise, pole dancing has its own merits. The numerous physical, psychological, and emotional improvements you’ll get from practicing the craft are the main reasons pole dancing continues to gain popularity worldwide.   1. Flexibility Although pole …
music for pole dancing

6 Music Styles To Use For Pole Dancing

Mastering dance pole tricks aren’t enough to create a whole routine. You need to incorporate the moves with your chosen dance style for a complete act. Usually, pole dancers concentrate on using one style of music and dance for their performances. If …

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