Pole Dancing Quotes – How To Stay Motivated Through 2024

If you have been looking for some motivational quotes for pole dancing in 2024 then you have come to the right place.

Grooving around on a pole is an art in which you train your body to take on even the toughest of challenges.

It’s true that pole dancing is sexy and appealing to the eyes.

But that’s not all that it’s about.

There are endless benefits that truly come along with it, like a higher level of confidence and self-esteem.

You will also have improved motor skills in your entire body and flexibility.

Whether you’re a professional pole dancer or you enjoy it as a recreational activity, there are those days it’s difficult to get up and attend a dance class.

In that case, you need some inspiration to push harder.

To ignite the spark within you that gets you dancing without a care in the world, we have put together carefully selected pole dance quotes for motivation.

Remember, pole dancing is not just physical but an emotional activity.

No matter what’s setting you back, dancing will surely boost your mood and help you forget the troubles of this world.

Words are quite powerful, and hence we will use them to inspire you to dance.

Motivational quotes for pole dancing

Every pro out there was once a beginner.

Each time you feel like giving up because progression is just not happening for you, always remember every professional had to start off just like you.

It may take more time than you had anticipated, but eventually, you will get there.

Don’t despair, instead keep forging forward, and soon you will get there.

Soon you will be like the pros.

Remember, strength will not come from what you do.

Strength does come from doing what you thought you couldn’t do.

Please think of the first time you attempted a pose and completely failed at it.

Was your first spin on the pole a total failure?

Well, you didn’t stop there but continued practicing until you finally nailed it.

See how much you’ve achieved since then.

It’s all in the power of having the courage to do the things that seem impossible.

A pole dancer is a person who can promptly handle precision, strength, flexibility, endurance and still manages to be perfectly awesome at the same time.

Yes, a pole dancer is a superhero.

A pole dancer is someone who has the resilience to take on whatever the world throws at them.

Pole dancing is a powerful form of dance because it teaches us to love our bodies not just for what they can do and conquer but also for how they look.

With pole dance, you learn how to be comfortable in your own body and feel beautiful.

Not very many people are actually able to do that.

In other words, pole dancing is empowering.

No matter what you feel, whether it’s sadness, loss, loneliness, heartache or broken, there is always a fix for you, and that’s the pole.

This is the only way you can lose and find yourself at the same time.

It is the perfect way to take away all the troubles of this world from your mind.

Remember, in pole dancing, you dance with your heart, mind, and body.

Pole dance because you have nothing to lose except calories.

Are you bored and there is nothing interesting to do?

Well, pole dance.

Do you feel like the whole world is against you and there is nowhere to run to?

Pole dance is there for you.

It’s true that you have nothing to lose with pole dancing.

So, why don’t you just dance like there is no tomorrow?

It doesn’t really matter how slow you are learning to pole.

What matters the most is that you are still climbing higher than everyone else on the couch.

Don’t worry about how slow your progress is but appreciate that you learn something new every day.

Little by little, you will soon get there and dance like the queen you are.

So, don’t pay attention to the others that may seem to be doing better than you.

It should not discourage you because soon you will be a pro with a little bit of hard work and dedication.

You are making an effort darling, and that’s what matters the most.

It will hurt.

It won’t be easy.

It will require lots of willpower.

It will take a bit of time.

You will have to make better decisions.

It will require sacrifice.

It will require commitment.

You will have to push your body to the maximum.

You will have to push yourself more than usual.

There will be setbacks.

There will be temptation.

There will be those days you feel down and can’t go on.

But in the end, I assure you, when you finally reach your goal, it will be all worth it.

Your hard work will have paid off.

The art of pole dancing gives you the freedom to take control of your body and create elegant shapes with it.

The different lines of expression and the beauty that comes along with it make you feel sexy, confident, and empowered.

As a pole dancer, you are strong in both body and mind.

The never-ending quest to be better is what makes you the person you are today.

Pole dancing gives you the power to discover the strength and beauty in which your body is capable of.

It would be quite a shame to grow old without ever seeing this.

I don’t just pole dance.

I perform with all my heart.

I take in deep breathes.

I watch the world disappear under my feet.

I release all of my feelings and lead with my heart.

I tear down every one of my walls and become a better me.

I lose all of my pain and sadness.

I simply let go.

I smile.

I lose myself in every move and pose.

No, I don’t just pole dance.

I do so much more than that.

I perform like it’s my last.

It may take a little bit more time to get where you really what to be, but if you pause just for a minute and think about it, you will see that you’re not where you were.

You have made progress, and that means you are better than when you started.

Do not stop.

Don’t quit.

Instead, keep going.

You are in a good place, and if you don’t keep challenging yourself, you may never realize your potential and what you can truly become.

So hold on, even when it feels like it’s taking forever.

You are closer to achieving your pole goals than you think.

Everything that seems impossible to you today will eventually be a warm-up.

For that little bit of time, we are no longer wives or moms.

We are goddesses dancing our hearts out.

For that one hour, we don’t have to think about the messy houses, the laundry, what to cook for dinner, or the grocery.

This is the time to just dance.

The pole is your best friend and your escape.

When on the pole, you can be yourself without having to worry about anything else like your responsibilities and problems.

That’s the real essence of pole dancing.

It’s simply mad fun mixed with a touch of confidence and self-love.

This is the only place you can be who you want to be.

Sometimes it’s hard.

Other times it hurts.

But then, if it’s not hard and it doesn’t hurt, everyone would be doing it.

You are strong and resilient, that’s why you’re able to push through.

Remember, in the end, the hardwork will totally be worth it.

You will look back and have no regrets because you did your very best.

That’s the best part of pole dancing; you get better at it with hardwork and practice, even when it takes time.

Ultimately, when you look at everything you’ve achieved, you’ll only feel a deep sense of accomplishment.

I don’t actually pole dance because am strong, I am strong because I pole dance.

It’s true and applies to all pole dancers regardless of the skill level.

When you start pole dancing, you won’t have lots of strength, and many of the poses will seem impossible to learn.

But you will certainly get stronger as you progress along your pole dancing journey.

The hardwork, dedication, resilience, precision and confidence will make you a stronger person than when you first started.

Being able to overcome every challenge along your way and achieve each set goal makes you stronger.

Pole dance is like an art.

Your pole is the canvas, your body is the brush, and your soul is the paint.

This only means one thing.

As a pole dancer, you have the ability within you to turn a self-portrait into a masterpiece.

You are a piece of art.

You are simply fantabulous.

On those days when you can’t get up and pole dance, remember this and you will never have to quit.

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am sexy.

I am motivated.

I am fierce.

I am a go getter.

I am mind, body and spirit.

No apologies because I am a pole goddess.

Some goals are typically easier to achieve than others.

There are those that seem so far out of our reach, and we have to work extremely hard to achieve them.

No matter the case, it’s always worth it.

I have done pole for years and worked hard to get to where I am right now.

Like everyone else, I’ve had good pole days and bad pole days.

But I’ve had to stay focused on my goal because some things don’t come easy and you have to work hard to achieve them.

Don’t give up and always remember that everyone starts out as a beginner at some point.

Patience, dedication and commitment will get you to where you want to be.

People think that pole dancers have to be graceful, strong and flexible.

In the real sense, the only thing you need is courage and confidence.

With these two, you can learn everything else.

You will need the courage to climb the pole for the first time.

It will take courage to keep trying that hard trick until you can get it right.

You need courage for a lot of things and everything else, you can easily learn.

When am on the pole, I become an entirely different person.

I am simply in flow, and I don’t feel much emotion.

Everything is just happening.

It’s like my body really has a mind of its own and knows exactly what to do.

That’s what I love the most about pole dancing.

For me, it’s an escape where nothing else matters.

It’s just me grooving on the pole.

Pole dancing is like jumping off quite a tall building, and your brain tells you, ‘hey, you’re going to die,’ but then your heart has a different thing to say.

Your heart tells you, ‘don’t worry my pretty girl, you can fly.’ The truth is you really can fly when you follow your heart.

Pole dancing is like that superpower that has been hidden inside you for way too long, waiting to be unleashed.

So, when you are about to quit, remember that you can do it because pole dance is your superpower.


Many are yet to understand the power that words hold.

Any time you’re down, basically not in the mood to step out and dance, read through this selection of quotes for inspiration.

I hope you will enjoy them and feel more motivated to do what you do best.

Just dance.