Pole Dancing for Beginners – What to Expect in 2024

pole dance introductionHey newbie poler bear if you are looking for more on what to expect for pole dance beginners in 2024 the good news is that you are in the right place to learn what to expect as a beginner in pole fitness.

Follow the tips below to learn pole dancing for beginners and get a jump start now.

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Lessons from professionals
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Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
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Beginner to Intermediate

Here are a few of the awesome benefits of being from a pole dance instructor:

  • Health and fitness and become a stronger version of you
  • A fun way to lose weight
  • New artistic avenues in dance
  • Enter into competitions
  • Show off
  • Express yourself through sensual dance
  • Make new friends and connect with your pole dance instructor as a mentor for gaining a new art.
  • Learn pole dancing at your own pace

What do I expect in beginner pole dancing

Pole dance is a high-intensity workout hence the name learning pole fitness.

You will need a dance pole, either static or spinning, and requires the user of the pole to perform moves that include all muscle areas of the body which makes it a high-intensity exercise that works your whole body.

No muscle groups are spared and it can be a hard learning curve if you don’t have strong arms and core to begin with.

However, as you learn the basics and develop that much-needed strength to do more exotic moves like “the Chopper” or “Iron X” where you are using your arms, shoulders, and core to pull yourself up on the pole in an inversion like position.

In terms of the basics and fundamentals moves, you will start with pole sits and climbs, these moves are relatively easy but require the use of your arms, legs and core muscles to help propel yourself up on the pole which will be one of the key fundamentals moves you will use the most as you progress.

Types of Pole Classes

There are a few different kinds of pole dance classes and its important to know which class is right for you:

  • Fitness Pole – Some classes focus on fitness and exercise with the use of the pole, similar to CrossFit, Zumba where complicated pole moves are not likely taught and the focus is primarily on cardio and muscles hence the name pole fitness.
  • Dance – A pole class that is more geared towards dance which may include contemporary dance which uses many pole and non-pole elements.
  • Exotic – A sexier form of dance where you will learn seductive moves that are commonly seen in strip clubs, you won’t learn many complex moves in pole dancing classes like these.

Normal Pole dance class – You will learn beginner to advanced moves and you will level up in the pole dancing classes as you get more experienced in landing those amazing pole elements.

poledance for beginnersPain for beginners

After your first initial introductory pole dance classes, you are going to find that you have been through I high-intensity workout just by doing simple moves like trying to climb up the pole and a simple pole sit.

You will have:

  • Sore arms, legs and stomach muscles and more
  • Pole burn – when you are climbing on the pole and the skin is making contact with the pole are causing friction which leaves a reddish mark. More info

This kind of pain is expected in this sport and there is no easy way out of it, as the common saying goes, “no pain no gain” but rest assured, as you practice more and your pole teacher guides you, you will see progress fast and the pain will no longer a problem after your 4th – 5th class.

The Effect of Group Pole Classes

If you’ve had the thought that you will be starting in a learning pole fitness class with intermediates then that’s simply not true, every good pole studio will put you at the beginner level class where you will be on the same page as your other classmates.

The pole dance instructor will evaluate your level of body strength you have and will put you in a class where it will match your pace so you can flourish as you learn how to pole dance.

As you progress through the introductory stages you will be exposed to new exercises that will push you to a new level of upper body strength.

If you are in a group pole dance class then you are going to find that you will be pushing yourself harder and you will probably surprise yourself as most people do.

That said, typical pole dance is generally a fun and exciting place to be in where the camaraderie will push you to a whole new level.

If you’ve joined a gym in the past and you worked out alone, then you may know how hard it can be to stay motivated and get to that next level of building your fitness level and losing weight, this can be why most people fail on their fitness journey.

With pole class, you have the support of the teacher and the students, and if you make that commitment to go every week then you will see results faster than you’ve seen working out by yourself.

Teachers and Students

Your teacher should be seen as a mentor and they want to help you to succeed and enjoy yourself, they will show you exactly how you should and shouldn’t do things.

Its important that you listen to them and ask questions when you need to, but often if you are seen struggling they will assist you, this is a completely normal thing.

There are also teachers who are not so good at teaching, if you ever find yourself in a class that appears that your teacher doesn’t care, then its probably recommended to find another pole studio or pole class or even try online pole classes.

Its important to know that not all teachers are equal and some just want to show off to their students – which shouldn’t be allowed under any circumstance as it may encourage impressionable polers like yourself to try moves that are too advanced for beginner pole dancers and can lead to serious injury.

What to wear

This is the number one question we get from all beginners, many people think they should come to class with a skimpy bikini outfit which is simply not true.

Pole dancing requires that the skin of your arms, legs, and stomach will be in contact with the post to allow you to properly grip the pole.

Its recommended to wear:

It is not recommended to wear long sleeves, pants or skirt as this will hinder your abilities on the pole.

If you are still unsure of what to wear then contact your local studio and find out what they recommend.

More info on what to wear

Learn Pole From Home

Learning pole dance from home can be the most beneficial thing for your health, fitness, and progression.

If you are interested n buying yourself a pole from your home then here are the top 3 entry-level poles.

Learn more about the different pole types here.

Great Value ♥
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate
Lessons from professionals
Regularly updated
Beginner to Intermediate

Note: We recommend the best stripper pole brands from X poles, Lil Mynx, Mipole, Lupit Pole this will help you continue your fitness routine from home.

Remember that a crash mat should be an essential item on your list to prevent accidents from injuring you in the process.


If you are hesitant on signing up for a pole fitness class and you rather learn from home because you feel insecure about your body or you feel you are not strong enough, then these feelings are completely normal, but you will meet people in your class that are in the same boat as you and this is where friendships develop and your journey to feeling better about yourself begins.

Why not try it and see how it goes

Comment below on how your first beginner pole dance class was and how your expectations changed.

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