Amazing Pole Dance Rash Inner Thigh Pain – The Ultimate Guide 2024

Practising with the dance pole can be quite frustrating at times when you experience inner thigh rashes in 2024, especially the pain felt in the inner thigh area as this is the spot that is usually concentrated when it concerns pole elements.

This pain occurs when you sit on the pole, or when completing the popular upside-down pole stunts while squeezing the pole using the inner thighs.

This can be really painful, and at times your skin will end up with bruises and in rashes.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Here’s how you can address the burning sensation and the bruises

This is a common question asked by many enthusiasts and individuals who love pole dancing.

This is not just a problem of just one individual- this pain concerns many pole dance enthusiasts.

The pain can come in many forms and it can be felt in different parts of your body, from the palms to the skin of your inner thighs.

Whatever the degree of pain or its location, it is important that you learn how to adjust, and adapt to the pain before you can feel any improvement.

There’s no sure way of telling until when the adjustment will lasts.

But although it will take time, you will surely feel the results.

According to the testimonials and experiences of many pole dancers, the adjustment can take anywhere from two weeks to two months and may depend each person skin.

The main factor that can affect the adjustment is the sensitivity of the person’s skin, especially the inner thigh.

This part of the body is sensitive, thanks to the nerve endings.

Compared to other body parts, this part of the body is more sensitive and delicate.

In short, this part of the body that is used during the pole dancing can be abused as well, and it can be manifested in bruises and burning sensation.

To better appreciate the sensitivity and the pain, it is best to use an analogy.

Just take the case of your baby’s skin.

Before you allow your baby to take a bath, you make sure that you have prepared lukewarm water so that it will feel comfortable on the delicate and soft skin.

If the water is too hot or too cold, it can cause problems for the nerves of the skin.

But as the baby grows the skin becomes more accustomed to varying temperatures, they can now easily handle cold and hot temperatures.

And when you practice your moves on the dance pole, your skin and will body will gradually adapt and toughen up.

And after some time, the pain and burning sensation become normal for the body.

The best step to take is to regularly practice the moves so that the body can easily adjust to the pain.

But if you noticed that your skin feels hot, or has that reddish color because of too many bruises, it is advised that you take a day or two for the rest.

You will only suffer more if you practice your dance moves while feeling the pain.

And once you noticed that the skin starts to feel better, then you can continue your practice to build your skin resistance.

If you regularly do this, you will know the kind of pressure that you should apply to your grip.

The insights that you can get can help you practice your moves, without applying too much pressure (and pain) on your inner thigh.

This can help reduce the amount of pain that you will feel in the inner thigh.

Another trick that you can do is to apply crushed ice directly to the bruised areas of the skin.

This can help in its recovery, and can be comfortable on a hot skin.

When using ice, make sure you do not directly apply this to the affected areas.

You can cover the cracked ice with a thin cloth before letting it touch the skin.

zinc creams for diaper rash for pole burnSimple and Readily Available Pole Burn Products and Remedies

If you love pole dancing but your fun is limited due to inner thigh pole burn then you know that it can be very painful but there are a few hacks that I learned from a friend that a diaper rash cream can work, especially when this is applied to the affected parts just before going to bed.

I used this, together with the St Ives Apricot Scrub Blackhead Control, and I experienced an improvement of my skin.

Hope this can help others.

Facts about Diaper rash cream for Pole Burn

In terms of branded diaper rash cream all of them effectively do the same thing, you just have to test to see what works for your skin and your injuries.

But based on many experiences and the products that have tested, these creams are known to include zinc as the active ingredient.

To get the best option for your money is to purchase a large bottle of generic zinc cream and apply a small amount of cream on the affected parts and you will find that the generic cream will stop the pain and made the skin more comfortable.

Other brands of the cream may feature other ingredients, and these ingredients may not be helpful in addressing pain and burns.

Also, the addition of these extra ingredients may push the prices of these products upwards.


Where to get these Zinc enriched Creams?

Amazon has a variety of different products like zinc oxide ointment that’s available by bulk order on request by some Sellers.

This will help you when practicing your pole dancing skills and you need to treat your burning wounds.

There are different brands available online and on Amazon, and I suggest that you check out the other brands as well.

I highly recommend that you check out the creams available online that contain zinc as the active ingredient.

Based on our experiences, these creams will not deliver side effects to the skin of the person.

You can try using different brands before you can decide on the right diaper rash cream for your specific needs.

Once you have tried a few brands, let us know about your experiences and testimonials so we can share these with other enthusiasts who want to address the burning sensation that comes with pole dancing activities!

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