5 Tips to Prevent Chafing Between the Legs in Aerial Dance in 2022

Suffering from Chafing while dancing in 2022?

Then follow these simple steps.

Skin chafing is a common occurrence among runners and athletes.

It happens when your inner thighs rub each other, creating friction that irritates the skin.

The sensitive patch of skin becomes sorer as they rub together, making it uncomfortable to continue the activity you’re doing.

Causes of Chafing And How To Stop It

Chafing solutions for danceThere are many reasons that cause skin chafing.

Here are some of them:

Being Overweight

Overweight people tend to have larger thighs (Pole dancing for plus-sized woman).

This means a larger surface area of their thighs rub together and their added weight creates more pressure between the thighs.

Both of these factors greatly impact skin chafing.

Hot weather

Humid and hot weather invites sweating and this can make skin chafing worse than ever.

Inappropriate gear

Working out while wearing inappropriate gear makes you more prone to skin chafing.

Walking 5 miles while wearing a skirt leaves your thighs exposed and rubbing against each other.

5 Tips to Prevent Chafing

Here are some tips to help you prevent skin chafing:

1) Lubrication

A small amount of lubrication applied on your inner thighs will help them glide smoothly.

This reduces friction and adds a layer of protection to your skin.

You can apply petroleum jelly or mild moisturizers like Vaseline Jelly before exercising.

2) Wear appropriate clothing

Wear moisture-wicking clothes which are more appropriate for strenuous and sweaty activities.

Gears made with synthetic fiber are also better because they’re smoother compared to those made of cotton.

Also, look for clothes with smoother seams.

3) Keep your thighs dry

When you’re living in a humid environment or in a tropical country, sweating becomes unavoidable.

The best counteraction is to apply talcum powder on your thighs and areas where you sweat the most.

This will help keep the area dry, reducing the friction between your inner thighs when they rub together.

4) Wear appropriate accessories and undergarments

For women who have sensitive skin but are forced to wear a skirt for an event, a thigh band may be an alternative solution.

You can try wearing Bandelettes.

They’re made of anti-slip silicone and have a sexy design you’ll surely love.

For men, wearing long-legged boxer briefs can save your thighs from chafing.

5) Use an antiperspirant

There are antiperspirant roll-ons specially made to prevent chafing of the inner thighs.

You can try them on as long as the skin portion where you’ll be applying them don’t have any inflammation, blisters, or open areas.

Treating Chafed Skin

If your skin is already chafing, wash it with mild soap.

Avoid scrubbing it to prevent further irritation of the area.

Rinse it with warm water and pat it dry with a soft towel.

Wear soft, breathable clothing and avoid activities that increase the rubbing between the sore areas.

Use mild and plain creams to help heal cracked skin and regenerate its protective layer.

If all else fails, consult a doctor to make sure there are no infections preventing your skin from healing.


Skin chafing can happen to anyone.

Whether you’re an athlete or someone who happens to have sensitive skin, there’s still a chance you’ll experience this discomfort.

You can avoid the irritating experience by wearing appropriate clothing and undergarments.

You can also try applying baby powder, cream, or antiperspirant between your legs to reduce friction when they rub together.

If you happen to have chafed skin already, you can proceed with the first aid treatment we’ve discussed above.

Consult your doctor immediately if none of these are working.