Wink Designs Pole Dance Clothing Store Review

Looking for pole dancing clothes that feature sexy cuts and bubbly designs?

Wink Designs have them for you.

They specialize in making garments for pole dancing, yoga, and aerial arts.

Look into what they can offer as you read on.

A Brief History

This UK-based manufacturer creates their own sportswear for yoga, pole dance, and aerial arts.

Wink Designs was started by Sarah McClymont, a fashion designer who’s been in the industry for more than 25 years.

She has experience in designing sportswear for brands like Nike and Adidas and dancewear for the Royal Academy of Dance.

Combining her knowledge of fashion and fitness, she decided to create her own line of fitness clothing that features fun and stylish designs.

Since its establishment, Wink Designs has become one of the brands that revolutionized how today’s fitness wears are made.

Their Products

Wink pole wear pole dance store reviewTheir designs revolve around making people look alluring and sassy when on the dance floor.

The clothes are made to stay in place and provide support to your body while keeping you comfortable even when you’re sweating.

The fabric they use has anti-bacterial properties and is suitable for pole dancing, bodybuilding, and other sports that require highly active movements.

Wink Designs sells their own shorts, leggings, brazils, tights, pants, hot pants, micro shorts, crop tops, skorts, monokinis, and vests.

Specialized fitness wear leotards and catsuits.

They also sell fashionable items you can use for casual wear like jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Aside from apparel, they also sell accessories like bindings, leg garters, and arm garters.

They also have grip aids for improving pole grip and skin ointments that can help heal cracked skin.

Magazines, gym bags, and drawstring bags are also offered in their inventory.

Wink Designs offer their line of customizable dancewear called Wink UniQ.

Here, they showcase their very own fitness outfits open for customization.

You can choose the fabric to use, and the color and print you want to apply on the clothes.

Gyms and dance schools take advantage of this service by working with Wink Designs in creating their uniforms.

It’ll take 2-3 weeks to complete this kind of service so it’s better to order in advance.


Wink Designs has built a solid reputation throughout its years in business.

Their unique and sexy designs mixed with bright colors, entice a lot of new and returning customers looking for fitness clothes suitable for pole dancing, gym activities, yoga, and aerial dancing.

Their professional-looking outfits are available for all shapes and sizes, thanks to their customization service.

Plus-sized people are happy with how clothes from Wink Designs make them look sexy and curvy on the dance pole.

Dance school owners also recommend Wink’s service in making uniforms.

Students and instructors love how comfortable and solid Wink’s clothes are.

Professional pole dancers even use Wink’s clothes in competitions because of their trust in its quality.

With regards to shipping, they deliver orders to customers around the world within 2-7 days after the product has been dispatched.

Brand Ambassadors

Wink Designs is proud to present that their brand is represented by some of the most talented athletes in the dance fitness world.

Here are some of them:

Natalia Tatarintseva
The Miss Pole Dance Ukraine 2011 champion started as a gymnast before she discovered her love for the pole.

She now teaches aspiring pole dancers and gymnasts in her own studio in Ukraine.

MoNika Ell
This mixed athlete has backgrounds in acrobatics, gymnastics, yoga, Cross Fit, martial arts, and Pilates.

His incredible athleticism has won him several pole fitness competitions.

Mimi James
This teenage rising star has already competed and won several awards in pole dancing competitions.

Her dream is to travel around the world and teach pole dancing to people.

Wink’s reputation has earned the endorsements from several professional athletes around the world.

This is proof enough of the quality of their creations and the high level of customer service satisfaction.


Wink Designs is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness wear in the world of pole dancing and similar sports.

Their solid reputation for providing quality garments and excellent customer service has earned them the respect and loyalty of pole dance professionals and hobbyists around the globe.

They offer a wide selection of unique and sexy designs suitable for all fitness activities.

You won’t go wrong in buying from this brand.