Pole Dancing Music Tips for the Best Performance

Just like in singing, choosing the correct song for your pole dancing routine can make all the difference in your performance.

You can choose from rock, pop, hip-hop, alternative, or even metal, whichever suits your routine.

Dancing to the song you love the most not only makes you more confident and comfortable in performing your act but also gets you to enjoy and have fun while doing it.

But choosing a song is not as easy as it sounds.

Even if you enjoy a particular song, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice for your dancing routine.

Usually, pole dancing coaches encourage beginners to try different genres of music to determine which suits their act best.

Despite being varied, there are aspects of pole dancing songs that make them fit any dancing routine.

Look for something that has a slow, suave tune and a deep, thumping bass.

This combination can help you have a smoother transition between your pivots and spin tricks.

The music’s rhythm should always sync with your routine.

A relaxed, sensual back bend won’t look graceful enough if you’re playing metal in the background.

Choose a song that’s in tune with your movement speed and types of tricks you want to execute.

Spontaneous floor exercises can also add flavor to your performance.

Like every element in your dance routine, its feel will also depend on the music you’ve chosen, so choose wisely.

The right music genre for your Dance Routine

Genre plays a very important role in your pole dancing routine.

It’s true that you can dance to any genre but there are certain factors you should consider if you want your performance to have more impact and appeal to the audience.

The erotic angel spin won’t look as sensual as you’d expect if a rap or upbeat music is playing in the background.

A slower rock, a ballad, or even classical music can add more substance to your performance by setting the right mood for the dance move.

When you’re performing, you’re sending a message to your audience.

This is the reason why your dance and music should jive in the same tempo to make the delivery more effective.

For a routine that’s mostly made up of sexy floor works, pivots, and spins, an intimate and stimulating music will do the trick.

There are several resources online suggesting playlists appropriate for your pole dancing routine.

There are even blogs by actual pole dancing performers that have a database of songs the performers use in their acts.

You may want to look into them to get an idea.

Their playlist selections on Youtube that may vary from slow rock and sensual rhythm ‘n’ blues to pop and alternative, dubstep, with some even having classical and heavy metal.

Try listening to whatever interests you and picture in your head if each move in your routine will perfectly fit the rhythm and mood of the song.

If it does, then you’ve probably found the right partner to your pole dancing routine.


Protip: Movie/TV show music is commonly an unturned stone for great music ideas for your performance, just check out West Worlds Music.

No one’s putting a bias on a specific form of music that you need, but to make a wow looking dance performance then having a contrasting piece of music will play an important part in your pole dance routine.

You’re free to choose whatever you prefer if that’s what makes you feel comfortable.

But I digress, Just keep in mind that music plays a big factor in setting the right mood for your routine and it can bring the best out of your performance.

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