Pole Dance Pull Up Exercise Helping Your Upper Body Strength

seated pole dance pull up exerciseThis is a great exercise for beginner pole dancers because it will help you strengthen your core and upper body muscles which will then help you learn and do more advanced spins, holds, and lifts with ease.

How to do a pole pull up

  1. Begin this exercise by sitting in front of your pole, with your legs crossed around it. You should be close enough to nearly touch it (or touch it slightly, depending on your body type).
  2. Firmly grasp the pole with both hands (one above the other); your lower hand should be at about forehead height. Your elbows will be bent.
  3. Take a couple of breaths then engage, or flex your core muscles then slowly lift your body from the floor. Your core area is your lower torso. To engage these muscles, tighten your stomach as if you were about to be punched or as if you were laughing too hard.
    1. Use your edges of your feet to support yourself but Do not put too much pressure since your ankles will be bent in the cross-legged position.
    2. Do not rotate your feet so your soles are on the floor because this could lead you to push mostly with your feet which will not benefit your upper body.
  4.  Remember to life slowly and with control, while keeping your core muscles flexed.
  5. Pause at the point where you can no longer lift yourself, then slowly and with control, lower yourself back to the floor.
  6. Repeat with the other hand on top.While you are doing this exercise, remember to keep your body as close to the pole as possible and your pelvis underneath you. You might only be able to do 1 or 2 lifts on each side at the beginning, but with some perseverance you will be able to do much more. We recommend setting a goal of
  7. lifts on each side, which is 12 lifts in total.

Thanks to remember

Here are some more things to remember while doing the Sitting Up Pole Exercise:

  1. Do not forget to ‘switch sides’, or alternate which hand is above the other in order to exercise and strengthen both sides of your body equally.
  2. It is more than alright if you are unable to life yourself high or do many sets when you are first beginning. As with everything else in life, you will get better and be able to do more with practice.
  3. Keep your pelvis (your tailbone area) beneath your hips. Be aware of their position at all times and try not to let it ‘pop out’ from the back as if you are arching your back.
  4. Do not place your hands too high up the pole when you are first beginning; keep them at about forehead height. You will be able to reach higher when you build the muscle strength.
  5. Remember to engage, or flex your core muscles before you lift yourself because this is the targeted area. Not doing this may result in injury or overexertion on your arms.

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