Removable Dance Poles – Updated Guide 2024

There are basically two dance poles in 2024 you can choose to buy and practice your routine on.

There are those categorized under the ‘fixed poles’ and there are also ‘detachable poles’ aka removable poles in the market.

Fixed poles are more secure and stable since they’re affixed both on your floor and ceiling and are installed permanently.

The sole disadvantage of this type, though, is you can’t move it around as you please.

It also leaves permanent marks to your ceiling and flooring if you remove it.

Detachable poles, on the other hand, are ideal for those who like to move their poles around the house and locations.

Removable poles utilize a combination of tension and pressure mechanism to secure themselves when you use them.

You can easily relocate them anytime and anywhere you want because there are no screws to take care of.

Making the choice

Whatever your choice of dance pole is, the important thing is it’s stable and strong enough to not move when you’re using it.

If you’re geared towards buying the detachable variant, choose one that can provide the correct stability to support your weight.

A removable pole uses tension, friction, and pressure to secure itself in place.

This type of pole doesn’t require brackets to make it stable, allowing you to place it anywhere you want.

It’s the practical solution for those who frequently uses different rooms for practice and performance.

The most important thing to remember when installing removable poles is to have a strong and stable beam above where you want to place your dance pole.

The beam is the one that will provide enough stability to your pole to support your weight.

Attaching the pole to your ceiling without a supporting beam may permanently destroy your ceiling, especially if the materials used in its construction are lightweight.

Types of removable poles

There are several subtypes of fixed and removable poles you can choose from depending on your house’s structure and personal taste.

For beginners in pole dancing, there are poles made especially for starters which are a lot cheaper compared to professional ones but offer almost the same sturdiness as any other brand in the market.

  • Choose a size you’re comfortable with. Usually, dance pole sizes play between 45mm to 50mm in thickness. There are removable poles, though, which offer smaller sizes especially built for those with smaller grips and lighter body frame to support.
  • Take note that it’s unwise to get stripper poles that are less than 45mm, more so if you’re not really lightweight. These sizes of dance poles are typically made to support only up to a certain weight. It will be very risky to use by those who exceed the recommended weight.
  • There are manufacturers that build less than 45mm poles using higher grade steel to support heavier users. Expect these to be more expensive than the 50mm poles.

Recommended Removable Poles for home

Dance studios and gyms usually employ 50mm dance poles because this can support heavier users and are easier to grip with both hands and feet.

If you’re ready to buy a removable stripper dance pole, I recommend going for the 50mm pole.

It provides the right stability even without the screw brackets and it’s very versatile that you can’t go wrong with it.

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