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GREAT!… you’re gunna get daily pole dance tips that will bring your pole (I wish I got when I started). And if you use just 30% of them
it will boost your pole dancing to the next level

If you’re taking pole classes right now, then you probably know how frustrating it is when you feel like your not making any progress. No matter how much you try you always find yourself lagging behind

And to look over to see…

The naturally talented girl nailing trick after trick without breaking a sweat


“Well done Rebecca you’re a natural”  they would praise her


Isn’t it your turn to blow them out of the water? 💦

Well the good news is anyone can do it, even if you’re skinny, overweight,
weak, beginner or intermediate…

It happened to some of my pole friends from Canada (who were just beginners at the time)

Who were struggling for months


And ever since they implemented some of my no brainer tips I gave them


… they started to bringing heat to their group classes… so much so, others couldnt keep up


Doing choppers (2nd & 3rd try) with perfectly straight legs and pointed toes that,
Even experienced pole dancers who’ve had years of training struggled with.


Air Planks… BOOM!



Some of their teachers asked if they “had previous experience”
CODE FOR: you’re killing gurl!


You can be at that level too without having years of training

Imagine yourself walking into a random studio for a pole workshop somewhere in say, Paris…you dont know anyone there. You take the directions from one of the great pole greats before you like Marion Cramp

And in minutes you perform the trick before anyone else could wrap their brain


Back to my friends using my tips: They progressed so quickly in just a few short months…nailing a new trick every week


They had to put them in an advanced class because
it was making all the other beginners feel bad


However as you advance in pole dance, so do the risks of the tricks. And it will be to your disgression on how far you are willing to go… because it can be dangerous



Be careful... cuz sometimes people get jealous.  I heard about pole dance teachers gettin all bitchy (I wont name names)

But thats just a fact…


If you apply 30% of the tips i email to you then
you may shock yourself (and your teachers) by the progress.


With that said… I want to invite you on an exciting adventure we can take together.

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