Yaheetech Dancing Pole

Yaheetech Professional 45mm Spinning Dancing Pole

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The Yaheetech Professional Spinning Dancing Pole is a professional-grade, portable dance pole you can use almost anywhere you want.

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TheYaheetech 45mm Spinning Dancing Pole is a 2-piece portable dance pole which features both static and spinning modes. It’s made of high-grade, durable stainless steel with a chrome-plated finish for better grip suitable for both beginners and pole dancing professionals alike.

The dance pole measures at least 235cm in length and can be extended up to 275cm for maximum compatibility with the most common room heights. You can secure it in place using the threaded adjustment rod located at the top portion of the dance pole.

YAHEETECH Fitness Dance Pole Exercise Stripper Dancing Pole...
  • Dimension: 38. 5 x 38. 5 x 275 cm /...
  • Pole Dia. : 45 mm / 1. 77’’;...
  • Practical design for building...

Compared to other dance poles, this has a top-loading mechanism. It has a micro base plate lined with silicone for better floor grip and a larger upper support dome for optimum support. You can install it over a carpet or even on rooms with popcorn ceilings since the pole doesn’t use screws to keep it in place. It utilizes the pressure applied on the pole and the pole’s adjustable length to stabilize and keep it in place.

The pole doesn’t spin automatically as you dance on it. You have to tighten the bolts hidden on the bottom of the pole to set the pole to “static mode” or loosen them to convert it to a spinning dance pole.

You don’t need screws or a screwdriver to install the dance pole. Everything you need is already in the tool set included in the package. It also has an easy-to-follow instruction manual you can look into for first time assembly.

You can set up or take down the Yaheetech Dancing Pole in just a matter of minutes, making it a portable piece of dance equipment you can bring around with you.


  • 45mm dance pole made of chrome-plated steel
  • Spinning and static modes
  • Fits in a room with a ceiling height of at least 7’8” up to 9ft (92.5in to 108.3in)
  • 2-piece pole setup with 2 extension poles
  • Package includes a toolset for setting up the dance pole
  • Weight capacity of up to 200kg


The Yaheetech Professional Spinning Dancing Pole’s main advantage against competing brands is its affordable price. People love that it’s priced at $110 only which is reasonable for someone who wants to start practising pole dancing at home. In addition to this, it has both static and spinning modes which are features usually found in more expensive models.

You’ll rarely see a dance pole this cheap that gets a lot of positive ratings from users who can attest to its durability. A user who weighs up to 200kg can spin on it without worrying about the pole bending.

No screws are needed during installation. It can even be installed over a carpet or on a popcorn ceiling without the worry of puncturing a hole on either end.

Since this is a removable dance pole, you don’t need any tools to set it up. You can quickly assemble it in less than 10 minutes. Just make sure it’s leveled properly before you use it to avoid damaging the pole.


Most users reported only minor problems when using the Yaheetech Professional Spinning Dancing Pole. Nothing big that can cause severe accidents or injuries.

You might notice the adjuster cover making a little noise when you set the pole to spinning mode. This is usually caused by improper installation.

Delivery might also mess up, giving you a package with missing parts that will render you unable to install the dance pole. We recommend that you check the package right away and make sure everything listed on the instruction manual is in the delivered package.

YAHEETECH Fitness Dance Pole Exercise Stripper Dancing Pole...
  • Dimension: 38. 5 x 38. 5 x 275 cm /...
  • Pole Dia. : 45 mm / 1. 77’’;...
  • Practical design for building...


We recommend the Yaheetech spinning pole for beginners who are looking for an entry-level dance pole that can help in practicing their pole dancing routines at home. Professionals can also try this product out if they’re looking for a more affordable alternative. The pole also has both spinning and static modes which make it a great steal when you consider the balance of price, quality, and functionality.

If you’re looking for a good dance pole that won’t break the bank, the Yaheetech stripper pole is a good pick to consider.

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