xperience 50mm pole review

Xperience 50mm Dance Pole Review – Formally Known As X-Dance

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xperience 50mm pole reviewXperience offers a handful of professional dance poles and this one is designed specifically for commercial use.

The Best Dance Poles

The Xperience 50mm Portable Fitness Pole fits areas with ceiling heights ranging from 7’4′ to 9ft. Its height is fully adjustable and you can use the 250mm and 125mm pole extensions included in the package. This gives the pole 3 height adjustment options to fit usual room height measurements.

The pole is composed of 2 main pieces which can be screwed together on their threaded tube joints, giving maximum stability and overall pole smoothness.

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There’s absolutely no need to drill holes into the ceiling to put the pole in place since the pole harnesses the power of friction to stabilize itself. Silicone pads can be found on both the ceiling and base mounts to ensure steady surface contact resulting to better pole firmness.

The double-width ceiling dome is designed to cover two ceiling studs for improved stability. As long as the ceiling is flat and solid, the pole won’t budge from its place once tension is applied. Even without using screws to support the pole, it can handle up to 250lbs of user load.
The 50mm dance pole offers both static and spinning modes. You can switch between these options by simply tweaking two lock screws hidden from plain sight.

The pole can be easily assembled and disassembled since you don’t need other tools for installation; everything is already included in the package. The pole itself weighs barely 35lbs which is light enough to be carried around anywhere you go. The 2-piece pole also makes it easy to fit in the trunk of your car.
A dance pole installation DVD is included in the package to help you in assembling the pole for the first time.

Xperience, Formally Known As X-Dance 50mm Dance Pole Kit...
  • Dual Function Pole - Static or...
  • Installation DVD included.
  • Everything you need in a dance...

Xperience 50mm Stripper Pole Features

  • Dance pole with 50mm diameter (check out the 45mm Pole here)
  • Sturdy pole with maximum weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Three height adjustments to fit it between 7’4′ and 9ft of ceiling height
  • Package includes 125mm and 250mm pole extensions
  • Two-piece pole for increased portability and easier storage
  • DVD installation guide included in the package

Pros and Cons of the Xperience Pole


Even though its price barely hits $110, its quality is undeniably good as proven by all the positive reviews it garnered from users. It may even be on par with more expensive dance poles from popular brands in terms of quality and pole strength.
It’s also very easy to assemble that you need to just look at the installation guide once.


The problem mostly comes from switching the pole to spinning mode. Tightening the pole too much prevents it from smoothly spinning but loosening it sacrifices the pole’s stability. The pole’s construction seems to favour static mode over the spinning option.


  • The package came and it wasn’t enough to fit in my room. Where can I purchase extensions?
    Xperience offers several pole extensions aside from the ones included in the package. You can call them to seek advice on which one will work best for you.
  • Do I need to drill holes in my ceiling to affix the pole?
    No. The removable pole uses friction and pressure to stabilize it in place. You don’t need to damage your ceiling by drilling holes in it.
  • Removable poles tend to slip and slide from its place. Does this pole exhibit the same weakness?
    No. The pole has silicone rubber pads located at the base of the mounts to increase friction between the surfaces and pole mounts on both ends.
  • I hear a knocking sound when using the pole. Is it bad?
    Ticking sound may mean your pole isn’t completely vertical. Loosen the pole using the height adjusters and then realign it using a level ruler before tightening the adjusters again.
  • Can it be placed on a carpeted floor?
    Yes, as long as the carpeted floor is perfectly horizontal and not angled. Carpets provide extra grip to the base mount.
  • The pole seems to loosen when in use
    Maybe the flange nut is not locked properly. Ensure the upper and lower domes tightly press on the surfaces for stability.
  • I’ve switched to spinning mode but the spinning motion isn’t smooth
    Loosen the height adjuster a bit to prevent it from putting too much pressure in the upper bearing. Slowly tighten it while also checking you still get a smooth spinning motion.
Xperience, Formally Known As X-Dance 50mm Dance Pole Kit...
  • Dual Function Pole - Static or...
  • Installation DVD included.
  • Everything you need in a dance...


The dance pole proves to be of great quality despite its suspicious price of $110. Xperience did a good job on this pole, providing a solid product that’s very affordable for professionals and hobbyists.

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