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Wacces Portable Stripper Pole 45mm Review

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wacces pole reviewWacces is a known manufacturer of sports accessories and gym equipment. They have products for Pilates, Yoga, weight lifting, and pole dancing equipment including their Crash Mat I reviewed.

The Best Dance Poles

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Wacces is proud of the advanced engineering features and showcased in their removable dance pole which you won’t see in other dance poles in the market.
The pole can fit in areas with a minimum ceiling height of 7’4′ and can extend up to 9ft using the included extensions. It can even reach up to 10ft but you’ll have to buy separately sold extensions for this.

A 125mm and two 250mm dance pole extensions are included in the package.

Wacces New Pro Portable Stripper Fitness Exercise Spin Spinning...
  • The dance pole version easily...
  • 45mm (1.96") Pole as used by the...
  • The Easiest and Quickest Assembly...

The 2-piece Wacces portable dance pole measures 45mm in diameter which is the size typically used by professionals and it’s the standard size used in competitions. The 2 main pole parts have threaded joints, allowing them to be screwed together during installation. The package includes a cover for the height adjusters for enhanced seamlessness.
The dance pole features both stationary and spinning options. Just adjust a screw located at the bottom base to switch between the 2 modes.

Both the top dome and bottom base are lined with friction pads to ensure pole stability. The top dome evenly distributes your weight on the ceiling to prevent the pole from wobbling while in use.
The pole boasts its quick assembly feature as the easiest and fastest in the market. It weighs only 32lbs, adding to its portability.

The New Waccas Portable Stripper Pole is ideal for home use but can also be brought and installed anywhere you want since it doesn’t require screws and other tools for assembly.
The package doesn’t include a training DVD contrary to what’s written in the manual. This seems to be a typo the QA team missed during production. However, you can buy separately sold training and workout DVD to help you in your pole dancing exercise.
The dance pole is very sturdy, durable, and most of all affordable as it costs only around $115.

Waccas Pole Features

  • A 2-piece dance pole with 45mm diameter
  • A fully adjustable pole that extends from 7’4′ to 9ft
  • Includes 2x 250mm and 1x 125mm pole extensions
  • Spinning and Static mode
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble dance pole

wacces dance pole review height adjustable


For its price of $115, the Wacces Portable dancing pole from Wacces exhibits solid performance which adds to its popularity among budget buyers.


Aside from the unclear instructions provided in the manual and a few cases of missing pieces upon delivery of the package, there aren’t much negative comments regarding the quality of the dance pole.


  • Can it fit in my room? My ceiling height measures 8’6′.
    Definitely. The Wacces Spinning Pole perfectly fits in many types of rooms with ceiling heights sitting between 7’4′ and 9ft.
  • How sturdy is the dance pole? How does it stack up against X-Pole or other known brands?
    It’s very sturdy, whichever mode you choose. In terms of durability and pole strength, it’s safe to say it’s on par with more known brands in the market.
  • What’s the maximum weight capacity the pole can handle?
    The manual doesn’t specify a number for this criteria but many users weighing up to 220lbs can attest its strength.
  • What’s the size of the pole?
    This pole measures 45mm in diameter.
Wacces New Pro Portable Stripper Fitness Exercise Spin Spinning...
  • The dance pole version easily...
  • 45mm (1.96") Pole as used by the...
  • The Easiest and Quickest Assembly...


Wacces, although not as popular as Lil’ Mynx or X-Pole, is a reliable manufacturer of pole dancing equipment. The Wacces Portable dance Pole continues to prove this claim, giving pole dancers a reliable, solid dance pole that offers all features more expensive brands also provide for a much cheaper price.
Overall, this pole exhibits great quality and is an excellent buy for its price tag.

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