Topeakmart removeable dance pole review

Topeakmart Spinning & Static Fitness Dance Pole 45mm Review

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Topeakmart removeable dance pole reviewLooking for a quality pole, but don’t want to spend over $100? Topeakmart has been selling various household furniture for quite some time already.

Now they’ve entered the pole dancing market and they’re selling economy dance poles for general use for dancers on a really tight budget, but is it worth the money?

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Let’s find out

The Topeakmart Fitness Dance Pole is designed to help you improve muscle build-up, increase flexibility, and strengthen the whole body to keep you healthy and fit. It’s specially made for training your pole dancing moves.

This pole can be used in many types on indoors situations like gyms, dance studios, and even at home.
Its design is straightforward. The pole is adjustable to fit ceiling heights ranging from 235cm to 275cm. The 2 pole extensions allow you to adjust the dance pole by 12.5cm and 19.3cm respectively.

The dance pole is made of plated steel covered in a silvery chrome finish. The pole is very sturdy and durable that it can withstand loads of up to 440lbs.
The ceiling and floor plates don’t need to be screwed in place. The pole depends on friction and pressure to ensure its stability.

It has a micro-base plate for minimum floor contact. A wider ceiling mount that’s shaped like a dome provides maximum stability and support.
The silicone ring installed at the bottom of the ceiling and base plates not only increases the overall stability of the pole but also protects the surface of the floor and ceiling from scratches and other possible damages.

The two-piece pole is fully removable and portable. It can be easily stored and doesn’t take much space in your closet. It’s easy to assemble and all the instructions you need for installation can be found in the enclosed manual.

The pole features both spinning and static mode to suit your style and dance requirements. You just need to tweak a small mechanism to switch between the two modes.
The package includes the dance pole set ‘ ceiling and bottom plates, toolset, extensions, and 2-piece main pole ‘ and an assembly manual to assist you during installation.

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Topeakmart Pole Features

  • 45mm dance pole with chrome-plated finish
  • Spinning and Static pole functionality
  • Fits between 7’7′ and 9ft of ceiling height
  •  Two-piece pole for easier storage and greater portability
  • Offers both spinning and static options
  • Gross weight: 14kg / 31lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity: 200kg / 440lbs


Pros and Cons of the Topeakmart stripper pole

Topeakmart dance polePros

This dance pole is tough to beat with its $80 price tag. For its price, you get a sturdy pole which can withstand greater load compared to its competitors. You also get both spinning and static features in one dance pole.

The dance pole fits a good range of ceiling heights and has two extension rods to ensure the pole fits in your preferred place. It’s easy to set up and can be easily stored in the included carry case so you can bring it anywhere you want.
It’s very lightweight, weighing only 14kg, but it can hold up to 200kg of load.


Topeakmart is not as popular as MiPole, X-Pole, or Lupit Pole so there may be trust issues regarding the quality of their products.



  • Can I install it on a popcorn ceiling?
    No. The pole has a wider top plate which means weight is expected to be distributed more over this area. The pole should be installed in a solid ceiling with a beam or stud in it to maintain stability and ensure your safety.

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The Topeakmart Fitness Dance Pole is the right product for beginners who just want to get a feel of the dance pole. For only $80, it’s definitely one of the cheapest dance poles in the market.

It’s portable, it’s lightweight, has both spinning and static options, and it’s very easy to install ‘ all great features for beginners who really don’t have much knowledge and experience yet in pole dancing.

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