Pinty Pole Review

Pinty Portable Spinning & Static Dancing Pole 45mm Review

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Pinty Pole ReviewPinty is a seller of various sports equipment and outdoor accessories. This dance pole is their entry into the pole dancing market for dancers looking for fitness poles looking for an affordable dance pole.

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The 2-piece Pinty dance pole is specially designed for beginners, professionals, and hobbyists who simply enjoy being on the pole. It has an adjustable height, able to fit it in areas with a minimum length of 7.5ft which can be extended up to 8.9ft. The 250mm and 125mm pole extensions included in the package allow you to adjust the pole to fit it in areas with higher ceiling heights.

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The pole measures 45mm in diameter ‘ the same size used by professionals in competitions and in dance studios. It’s finished with high-quality electroplated chrome, providing excellent grip for easier climbs and spins.
The pole offers both spinning and static options. You can switch between these modes by tweaking a hidden screw at the base of the pole.

The pole is easy to assemble, requiring no fixtures or screws to be drilled into your ceiling. The pole can be erected on uneven flooring, thanks to its articulating base and angular stabilizing lock. The ceiling dome’s size helps in stabilizing the pole by covering up to two ceiling beams for extra support.
The manual provides comprehensive installation details and an instructional DVD has been included in the package for a clearer depiction if needed.

This portable pole weighs only 30lbs, making it easy to bring anywhere you want. Although it’s lightweight, the pole has a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs (around 200kg).

The package includes the 2 main poles, the upper and lower mounts, extension poles, wrench and hex keys, a sleeve containing the adjusting ring, and an instructional DVD.

Pinty Professional Portable Dancing Pole 45mm Fitness Exercise...
  • TONS OF ADJUSTMENTS, pole height...
  • DURABLE & HEAVY-DUTY, solid steel...
  • 100% SAFETY, the articulating base,...

pinty pole basePinty dancing pole Features

  • A 45mm dance pole
  • Pole with a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs
  • Adjustable pole which can fit in ceiling heights ranging from 7.5ft to 8.9ft
  • Pole extensions measuring 250mm and 125mm in length are included in the package
  • Static and spinning modes
  • 2-piece built that’s easy to assemble, compact, and lightweight

Pros and Cons of the Pinty Stripper Pole


The pole is very simple to assemble, requiring no external tools for installation; everything you need has been included in the package. Many users also commend the fast delivery of their purchase and the overall sturdiness of the product, perfectly performing as advertised.


Although advertised to withstand up to 200kg of user weight, some users experienced bending on the joining points of the pole. Some found the extensions to be defective in terms of fitting, unable to connect with the main poles due to mismatched threads and sizes.
Some even received packages with missing pieces, making it impossible for them to assemble the pole.

Pinty Professional Portable Dancing Pole 45mm reviewsFAQs

  • Will it work on popcorn ceilings?
    Yes, as long as there’s a stud in the area where you’re installing the pole. The rubber pads on the ceiling dome helps stabilize the pole even on this type of ceiling.
  • Does the pole offer spinning mode?
    Yes, it does. You need to tweak a screw located at the base dome to switch between modes.
  • I’m using the spinning mode but the ceiling dome seems to get loose when I’m on the pole. Is this normal?
    You have to tighten the ceiling dome in place before you use it. Check it every time you switch between modes to ensure the pole remains stable.
  • How sturdy is the dance pole?
    It’s solid enough to handle up to 200kg of user weight.
Pinty Professional Portable Dancing Pole 45mm Fitness Exercise...
  • TONS OF ADJUSTMENTS, pole height...
  • DURABLE & HEAVY-DUTY, solid steel...
  • 100% SAFETY, the articulating base,...


From time to time, some users may get a defective product, but oftentimes they’ll get a working one. This makes the Pinty Professional Portable Dance Pole’s quality a hit or miss, although it gears towards the chances of getting a properly working product. For its price of less than a $100, it won’t be bad to take a chance on this dance pole.

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  1. I finally for the top dome to adjust tightly enough to my ceiling. I put the attachable part that you have to slide all the way up to the top and put the screws in. And as I took out the base screws for spinning mode it made popping sounds and felt like it wasn’t spinning smoothly it would still tighten the stop spinning as if it were still tightening to my ceiling or loosening. I’m very upset because I wasn’t left with any email and idk how to ask for a return or at least a switch out unless I’m doing something wrong someone please help.

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