Pink Secret Stripper Pole With Instructional DVD & Music Review

Pink Secret Dancer Pole reviewExperience a complete approach to learning pole dancing right in your home with this dance pole from Pink Secret. This is not just a dance pole for beginners and enthusiasts- the kit comes with an instructional manual, music to accompany your pole dancing activities and the helpful DVD. In short, the Pink Secret stripper Pole is a entry level pole for a beginner dancer and is known to be an fairly easy to setup.


What’s great about this Pink Secret kit is that it offers a helpful DVD for beginners who want to learn how to pole dance, with fun music selections that can help you pull off a groovy lap dance or any other pole-based moves. However, the dvd only takes you so far and I would recommend these online pole dancing courses

In terms of construction and quality, this Pink Secret pole is made out of cheap materials and is not considered as a high quality pole. thanks to the use of industrial-grade steel it does manage to stay up ok, however, this pole should not be used for inverted moves or spins and can cause injury if you are not careful.

Two types of steel parts are used and they are easily screwed into the ceiling and fit relatively well for balance and support. Also, you can count on the ceiling cap so that the installation will not harm your room’s ceiling. The quality of the kit also covers the cap, since this protective cover is made from a stable material that remains in place, even if you don’t use the screws.

Pink Secret Dancer Pole
  • Made from two pieces of steel, it...

Installation of the Pink Secret pole

Installing this stripper pole is made easier, thanks to the materials included. Once properly and securely installed, you can pull off some tricks, without worrying about the safety, or even the structural integrity of the ceiling. This can be used in different rooms of your house, provided that the ceiling heights will not exceed 9 feet. The pole measures 6 1/2 inches (circumference).

Pink Secret stripper polePink Secret Stripper Pole Features

  • Made from 2-piece industrial-grade steel materials, connected and screwed – Does contain plastic parts.
  • Comes with stable and quality-made ceiling cap.
  • Can be installed in virtually room, ceiling should not exceed 9 feet.
  • Has instructional CD/DVD for music and guide


Pros and Cons of the Pink Secret Pole


This is a highly flexible and portable stripper pole, which can be used and installed in almost all rooms. Safety is assured once installed, thanks to the stable ceiling caps. Even without using screws, the pole remains stable. You have the option to permanently install this, or you can easily remove and transfer the exercise pole.

You will also love the CD and DVD, which can serve as your music source when performing dancing moves. And yes, there’s a secret content, for your sexy bedroom requirements. In short, you can depend on this kit to bring out the best in your pole dancing moves. You will be happy with the construction, the music and the DVD, and it will definitely promote the confidence in you when you are working your pole dancing moves.

Pros – What We Don’t Love

There are so many positive things going for this fitness pole, and we can only think of at least one limitation- its looks and packaging. Yes, this dance pole looks and marketed to “skimpy” girls

Along with that, the construction of the pole is not ideal for pro polers. For beginners this pole may be able to suffice in piquing this interest, however, this pole is not where near the quality of lupit pole, xpole or Lil’ Mynx’s poles and mipoles

My Verdict

Overall, we can say that this ‘Pink Secret’ dance pole is one of the great fitness poles out there, considering the price at $89, and the portability and quality features. If you’re a beginner and you need a helpful dance pole, then we can suggest this pole from Pink Secret.

But – and this is a big but, this pole should not be used for anyone over the weight of 120 lbs, this is certainly not the strongest pole in the world when we have lupit poles, xpert x-pole series and Lil Mynx rotator poles.

Pink Secret Dancer Pole
  • Made from two pieces of steel, it...

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