review of Penthouse Professional Dance Pole by Peekaboo

Penthouse Party Professional Dance Stripper Pole Kit X by Peekaboo – Complete Review

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peekaboo penthouse pole reviewDesigned for dance enthusiasts and pros, this Penthouse Party Professional Dance Stripper Pole Kit X is one of the latest additions gives you a real bang for your buck for under $100.

This stripper pole kit is designed and marketed by Peekaboo, and is currently available in the market for a limited time, at an affordable price point of $99 and I can comfortably say it’s one of the cheapest stripper poles available on the market that does not sacrifice quality and durability.

The Best Dance Poles video

One of its strongest features is its portability, allowing you to use the dance pole anywhere where the action is. This is designed with everyone in mind, from the amateur to the professional who demands quality and reliability. The dance pole is constructed from tough industry grade materials, therefore allowing everyone to complete even the most complex and trickiest moves available.

This Penthouse Dance Stripper Pole Kit X is available in a 50mm chrome finish, with a storage bag, a mix CD and sexy stickers to complete the sexy in one convenient package and low price tag.

You can install and use this dance pole in any room, provided that it features a minimum of 7′ in ceiling height, up to 9′. Also, this durable dance pole can accommodate up to 250 lbs in weight. You can use this in different working surface, in carpeted floors and tiled flooring.

You can expect a 1-year warranty of this kit, and designed to address the needs of different users, from amateur to professionals.

review of Penthouse Professional Dance Pole by PeekabooThis is constructed from two black-coated steels, featuring the slips on joints for balance and support. You can also expect a ceiling cap to protect your ceiling from possible damages and other unwanted markings.

Penthouse Party Pole Features

  • Made from durable steel with a chrome finish
  • Portable and highly flexible stationary pole dance pole
  • Can be installed in rooms with at least 7’6′ in height, up to 9′
  • Can support up to 250 lbs in weight
  • Each pack comes with carry bag, music mix CD and sexy stickers
  • 50mm pole thickness

Pros and Cons of the Penthouse Party Stripper Pole


The Penthouse Party Professional Dance Stripper Pole Kit X is a stationary pole and offers  and is easy-to-install, and can work with almost anyone in many home and apartment situations. You will also receive a mixed CD that can complete your next workout or dance sessions.

If you need to disassemble and transfer the pole to another room, you can easily complete the job without using complex tools. All components can be stored in the provided carry bag. Installation of the dance pole will only take 10 minutes, and dis-assembly of the pole can take roughly the same amount of time.

Also, we noted its durability, and will allow you to perform a variety of dance tricks on a 250lb load.


Although the inclusion of rubber caps can help protect the ceiling and the floor, these caps will often move and are not stable. If this becomes your problem, we suggest you glue the caps to its place and it will solve your problems.

Final Conclusion

If you are a beginner or a professional pole dancer and you are looking for something cost effective with great portability attributes, the Penthouse Party Professional Dance Stripper Pole Kit X is one of your best pole dance pole.
At this price point of $99, you can now enjoy a highly durable dance pole that can serve as your partner in training and practicing your dance moves and pole elements with ease.

Portability: thanks to fast installation which takes less than 10 minutes. Also, when you buy this dance pole, you will be treated to some freebies that can make your next dance routines more exciting. Get this dance pole, and you will be rewarded with a carry bag, stickers and a CD, filled with sexy songs for your next workout!

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