Peekaboo Carmen Electra Spinning Dance Pole Review

Carmen Electra pole reviewDoes ‘Carmen Electra’ ring a bell on your celebrity radar?

many people think she is a pole dancer just by seeing how this dance pole is being marketed.

But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Carmen Electra first made her debut on the world stage through Baywatch and ever since then she has appeared in various TV, hosting and movies and is not a pole dancer.

When thinking of Carmen Electra labels like ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ come to people’s minds, this was probably the marketing angle to get people to purchase this dance pole.

But you will soon see soon the true colors of the Carmen Electra spinning pole and they are not pretty.

My Initial impressions

At first glance at the pole, you will notice how weak it looks in comparison to professional pole brands like X-Pole, Lupit Pole, Lil’ Mynx and etc.

The thickness of the steel is non-existent in making this a safe and durable stripper pole setup.

In addition, the pole is installed with 3 pole pieces and the first thing to notice it rattles and shakes around due to its weak design.

It comes with plastic screwing parts that help make the pole into a spinning pole and this is where this pole really lacks as these plastic parts already start to degrade from day one.

Its heavily marketed as an “innovative design, allowing users to customize its operations, and enjoy a spinning mode.

If the spinning mode is no longer needed, the user can easily lock the unit.

What makes this ‘Carmen Electra’ Spinning Dance Pole unique is the availability of a dual-mode, allowing users to tweak its function, depending on the needs.

Also, this product can be installed or used almost anywhere- you can install this in your garage, in the bedroom, or in your living room.”

As some of these pointers are true that this is a portable solution for an “affordable price” it lacks the sturdiness and safety for users who purchase this pole who are looking to do pole swings and spins where this pole is being marketed at.

NOTE: This pole is wobbly and is NOT safe to spin or do inverted pole moves on.



Based on our review, we found out that the Peekaboo Carmen Electra Pole Dance kit comes with a storage bag,  DVD and an installation guide.

Installing the pole is easy, and by following the steps provided, you can enjoy the pole in minutes! Pay attention to the height of the ceiling when installing the pole, since this brand can be installed in rooms with less than 8 feet and 6 inches in height.

Although there’s a maximum weight we recommend no one over 120 Lbs use this pole.

The pole can be adjusted to your ceiling height by securing this using the screw-based bottom which is made out of that cheap and nasty plastic I mentioned earlier.

The pole uses pro-grade rubber on each end of the pole which can essentially allow you to friction fit the pole without the need for screws to install BUT NEVER OPT FOR THAT OPTION WITH THIS POLE OR YOU WILL PROBABLY GET SERIOUSLY HURT.

The use of screws instead of the usual bolt will help create a more stable pole but the funny thing is is that the screws don’t come with the kit.

Its a joke!

And for anyone wondering what model this pole is, its the Electra 2011 version, you can get two modes which helps make this pole a flexible option for dance beginners.

Dancers have the option to use its spinning functionality, or a stationary option.

For newbies in this sport, they can always count on the stationary option, and the pole will remain as is, as dancers pull off a series of moves.

And for established and experienced dancers out there, the spinning movement of the pole will serve as a great help.

There are three sections for slots, allowing for easy and instant assembly of the unit.

Since its installed using three sections of pole, the pole is extendable and easy to store but compromises its structural integrity.

Carmen Electra Features

  • Dual-mode, in stationary and rotating
  • This is the 2011 version, allowing users to easily install the unit
  • Portable

The Pros and Cons of the Peekaboo Carmen Electra Fitness Pole


Aside from its portability, the Spinning Electra dance pole is loaded with the necessary accessories to ensure a stress-free installation.

This offers an extendable top, allowing you to use this pole in rooms with higher ceilings, up to 8 feet and 6 inches.

Securing and installing this product is easy.

Also, you no longer need to depend on ceiling adapters for effective installation, but this is something to be worried about.

Aesthetics-wise, the pole features a traditional chrome-plated finish.

This finish also makes the pole smoother on the hands, allowing for convenient and comfortable transitions.


There are many limitations of this pole that should be taken with the caution of the user, this pole is not safe and is built very poorly with plastic parts.

There’s a limit on the amount of weight that can be supported, at 220 lbs says in the manual, but I think its a suitable weight at 120lbs, in addition, this pole is not safe to do any complicated swing, inverted or spin tricks on as it can lead to serious injuries.

Final Thoughts

I have clearly voiced my concerns that this is not an ideal pole for beginners or professionals and I discourage your purchase of this pole and read my other reviews of recommended poles you should invest in.

This pole is fine as a show pole for pole walks and the sorts, but anything else can be dangerous to the user.

If you are looking for a cheap pole that is of high quality components and is better than the Carmen Electra 2011 fitness pole then check out my review of the Megabrand dance pole review


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