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MegaBrand Portable Pole Review – Is It Worth It?

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MegaBrand Portable Fitness Exercise Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole reviewMegaBrand is a manufacturer of home supplies, auto parts, apparel, and toys to name a few. A few years ago, they entered the pole dancing market with their MegaBrand Pole is one of the most affordable poles out in the market.

The Best Dance Poles video

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This is recommended for beginners who are really new to pole dancing. If you are looking for more professional pole equipment then check out our latest posts

The 2-piece pole has tubes inside which are screwed together using high-precision joints for increased strength and stability. One part of the 2-piece pole is the height adjuster that already has installed flanges on it to easily fit in the 125mm and 250mm extensions included in the package.

The pole stands at 7ft and 4in and can be extended up to 9ft using the extensions. Make sure your ceiling height fits within this boundary.

The MegaBrand dance pole uses friction and tension to stabilize it in place. The articulated base mount allows it to stand on uneven flooring, while the double-width ceiling mount spreads the pressure evenly on the top part of the pole.

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It’s totally removable and doesn’t need any screws to plant it in place. You have to place it under a stud in the ceiling, though, to make it stable. Take note that it should only be placed on a perfectly horizontal ceiling. There are no options to install it on angled or vaulted ceilings.

Its all-metal construction is available only in 45mm diameter which is the pole size most professionals use. The pole is available only in electroplated chrome finish.

Once installed, the dance pole is stable enough to handle a whopping 440lbs of weight.

Take note: that there are unauthorized dealers of this dance pole that may give you substandard products that aren’t really made by MegaBrand.

MegaBrand stripper pole reviewMegaBrand Dance Pole Features

  • Choose between static or spinning mode (full article) by adjusting the hidden screws
  • 45mm pole size
  • Has 125mm and 250mm pole extensions, both included in the package
  • Easy to assemble with instructions in DVD included
  • No ceiling screws required
  • Articulated base to set the pole up on uneven flooring
  • The angular stabilizing lock helps the pole stay in place
  • Available in electroplated chrome finish

Pros and Cons of the MegaBrand


The shipment arrived in a secure, compartmentalized box, and each piece is wrapped in paper to avoid it from scratching against the other components in the box.
This pole installs like a breeze. It takes only 5-15 minutes to either set it up or take it down. The pole is very solid and stable that it can handle up to 440lbs of load, making it ideal for both men and women pole dancers of any weight.

magabrand fitness pole reviewsDisadvantages

The price can make you dubious about the quality of this product. It can’t be brought down to this price range without sacrificing the quality of some of the materials used in its components. Sure enough, there have been a few reports of injuries from using the pole.
Some say the pole is not smooth, with a few sharp metal edges protruding on the middle part where the 2-piece pole is conjoined. Combine this with a slippery finish and you’re just waiting for an accident to happen.

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It’s very portable and is one of the cheapest dance poles available in the market. The overall quality is good enough for its price, making it ideal for those who are looking for a portable dance pole solution that won’t cost them a fortune.

Despite getting a few bad rap from some users, the overall rating for this product is still good. We don’t recommend this for professional pole dancers, but it’s good enough for beginners who just want to experience pole dancing.

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