Goplus pole review

Goplus Portable Purple Stripper Pole Beginner Kit Review

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Goplus pole reviewGoplus has been in the market for a few years, selling fitness equipment and other household and outdoor accessories. Goplus is expanding their reach in the fitness industry by dabbling in pole dancing, debuting their budget stripper pole to consumers.

The Goplus Dance Pole Kit is ideal for pole dancers of all levels. Its simple and sexy design is meant to unleash your hidden sexiness and help you flaunt your curves while doing your dance routine.

The Best Dance Poles video

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This 3-piece pole is highly adjustable and suits a wide range of ceiling heights. It can fit in areas with ceiling heights ranging from 7ft and 2in to 8ft and 6in. Its pole size measures 50mm in diameter.

The pole parts are screwed together to ensure they stay in place. Each part of the 3-piece pole has threaded joints where they can be connected to each other. This ensures no part is protruding throughout the length of the pole once it’s assembled, creating a seamless pole dancing experience.
The Goplus Dance Pole is very easy to assemble. It doesn’t require screws to be affixed to the ceiling or floor to make it stable, meaning the plates won’t damage your ceiling.

Although there are plastic components, this 3-piece pole is made of solid steel that’s very durable and can withstand up to 220lbs of user weight.
The base and ceiling plates are made of industrial-grade hard plastic materials that won’t easily break even under heavy stress. The plates have a locking component that ensures pole stability while you’re using it. This also allows the pole to be installed on uneven floors.

It comes with a comprehensive manual which explains in clear detail every step you need to undertake to assemble the fitness pole. For those who don’t want to read too much, Goplus included a DVD with instructional videos for easier reference.
The package includes the dance pole set, ceiling and base plates, a spanner for screwing the poles together, an assembly guide, a DVD containing instructional videos, and a carrying case large enough to fit every piece of the dance pole in it.

The steel pole is coated with purple color for enhanced visuals.

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Goplus Pole Features

  • 50mm dance pole with the purple-colored finish
  • Made of solid steel with a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs
  • Adjustable height lets it fit between 7’2′ and 8.5ft of ceiling height
  • Three-piece pole for compact storage and improved portability

Pros and Cons of the Goplus Stripper Pole

Goplus dance pole reviews
Portable design with bag


Priced at $65, it may be the cheapest dance pole in the market that’s made of solid steel. Although it contains plastic parts, it has a weight capacity of 220lbs, which is the usual limit of stripper poles in the market.


Goplus just recently entered the pole dancing market so there’s not much feedback about their product yet. Experienced pole dancers may have doubts about this brand since they’re not as renowned as MiPole or X-Pole.

Aside from that, it’s super cheap which can make anyone dubious about its quality.
Goplus was able to bring the price down by using hard plastic for the base and ceiling plates instead of the usual metal components.

There may be doubts on the strength of these parts but people should remember MiPole and how they’re able to incorporate a few plastic parts in their exercise poles and still exhibit excellent quality.


  • Can the pole be installed on textured ceilings and floors?
    Yes. The unique anti-slip, locking mechanism found on the ceiling and base plates allow the pole to be installed even on uneven surfaces.
Wacces New Pro Portable Stripper Fitness Exercise Spin Spinning...
  • The dance pole version easily...
  • 45mm (1.96") Pole as used by the...
  • The Easiest and Quickest Assembly...


If you’re looking for an absolutely dance pole, this is one of the options to consider. Although there’s not much evidence yet about its quality and performance, it may be worth to give it a chance.

The plastic parts may instil doubts on consumers but remember that MiPole also uses hard plastic o on their products. Maybe this Goplus pole can exhibit the same quality as MiPole dance poles for just half the price. Confirmation on this is yet to be solidified by consumers in the days to come.

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