Bada Bing X-treme dance pole review

Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole Complete Review

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Bada Bing X-treme dance pole reviewFor those looking for a standard dancing pole that’s loaded with features, then the Bada Bing X-Treme Portable dance pole can serve as a great option.

As a portable dancing pole, this product gives you the flexibility and confidence knowing that you can bring this anywhere, or set this up in your house to get an instant party vibe, or to start an exercise routine. Since this dancing pole is easy to set-up at home, you can now practice your next dancing sexy moves without the need to show it off to others.

This should serve as a great choice for individuals who value privacy when practicing their sexy moves. Whether these sexy moves are for a partner, or just a practice for a grander presentation in public on a static or spinning pole, this dance pole gets the job done. This pole is made from durable steel, thus can work for you for a long period of time.

The Original Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole
  • Adjusts from 7'4" to 9' ceiling...
  • Chrome finish pole
  • Designed for most maneuvers when...

Popular workout made easier thanks to Bada Bing X-treme

When it comes to fitness routines, only a few routines can beat pole dancing in terms of excitement, entertainment and intensity. This is a popular exercise routine around the world, and can be used to burn more calories than most other exercises  and most importantly its FUN!.

Now, this activity can be done anywhere, thanks to this new product, the Bada Bing X-treme Portable dance pole. This is designed for both the professional pole dancer and the enthusiast who simply wants to have fun. Based on our review, we found out that this is one of the most durable products around, and can easily handle different body weights and dance tricks. Even professional pole dancers will see this as a great unit to use.

Easy to install in your home

Also, this portable pole is easy to install, without the need to complex tools and hardware. Don’t worry about your ceiling since this can be installed, without having the need to drill holes in the ceiling. This portable pole is easy to attach, and can be transferred from one place to the next.

It is made from three industrial-grade tubular steel materials, finished in chrome to provide a glossy look, and make handling smooth and slippery without losing one’s grip. This pole is adjustable for different ceiling heights, from a low 7’3′ to a high 8’6′.

The package comes complete with ceiling cap for protection. This is constructed from a premium non-skid material for stable handling. This also allows the installation of the pole without the use of screws.

Spinning or Stationary

If you are looking for the best of both worlds in terms of getting a sturdy stationary pole or a high quality spinning pole then the Bada Bing Extreme pole offers both in one kit.

  • The spinning pole feature of this pole makes it shine above many of the cheaper poles out there and is engaged by unlocking the pin at the base of the pole.
  • The spin is smooth and is safe for users of various weights and is for many dance elements.
  • The stationary position is solid and is held together with a sturdy pin at the base to allow you to do pole elements at ease.

Bada Bing X-treme Pole Features

  • Finished in chrome
  • Highly adjustable, from a low 7’4′ up to 9′ height for ceilings
  • Comes with rubber rings for protection of ceiling and floor
  • Ease of installation
  • Stationary Pole
  • Spinning pole

Pros and Cons of the Bada Bing X-treme Stripper pole


One of the things we love about Bada Bing X-treme portable pole is its ease of installation. This is durable, and you will not need advanced tools or skills just to install the portable pole. This is highly flexible as well, allowing you to transfer the pole from one area to the next. No screws are used, so everyone will be given a chance to install and use the portable pole.


While this is an exciting and solid product, it also comes with its own share of misses. As a single-use product, you will need to secure the pole properly. You may need to bolt this in place so that it will be installed securely for your dance routines.
Of the many portable dancing poles out in the market, the Bada Bing X-treme portable pole is one of the best and offers a great mix of durability, style, and portability that can work for both the pro and enthusiast.

Final Conclusion

The Bada Bing is a 10/10 quality product but, isn’t the most budget-friendly pole on the market. It offers all the essential features for the beginner to advanced pole dancers looking to install a pole in their home or apartment and is worth the money if you are serious about improving your pole dancing skills.

The Original Bada Bing X-treme Portable Dance Pole
  • Adjusts from 7'4" to 9' ceiling...
  • Chrome finish pole
  • Designed for most maneuvers when...

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