Amzdeal dance pole review

Amzdeal Portable Dance Pole 45mm Review

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Amzdeal dance pole reviewThis pole is their first entry in the pole dancing market allowing more beginner and intermediate dancers a low bound entry-level dance pole without spending big money on the more expensive fitness poles.

The Best Dance Poles video

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The Amzdeal Portable Dance Pole fits in ceiling heights measuring between 7’4′ and 9ft. Pole extensions measuring 250mm and 125mm in length are included in the package.

It measures 45mm in diameter, the size commonly used in professional dance studios and competitions worldwide. It’s a bit thinner compared to the brass poles often seen in clubs but it’s sturdy enough to handle up to 440lbs of user weight.

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The Amzdeal Dance Pole is a 2-piece pole and has high-precision threaded joints which function as the pole’s joining point. Just screw the pole pieces together to get it to its full length. The pole is finished with electroplated chrome which is the finishing commonly used in competitions.

It offers both spinning and static features which can be activated by tweaking two hidden lock screws. The pole is supported by six solid ball bearings for increased durability, stability, and smoothness of spinning. The bearings also prevent the pole from getting stuck while spinning.

The double-width ceiling dome evenly distributes the load on the ceiling so make sure you install it under a portion where a beam or stud can be found. It requires no drilling as it uses friction pads to maintain the pole in place. The angular lock helps stabilize the pole and make it sturdy when in use.

amzdeal pole dance reviewsThe removable pole is easy to install, taking only minutes to assemble or disassemble. It’s designed with complete portability in mind so you can bring it to parties, gatherings, and anywhere you wish.
There’s no installation DVD included in the package. However, a manual can be found inside which may be helpful in assembling the dance pole.

Pole components are tightly packed and wrapped individually to prevent them from scratching each other. Take note, however, that the pole is only available in the US.

Amzdeal Stripper Pole Features

  • 45mm diameter dance pole
  • The solid pole that can handle 440lbs
  • Fully adjustable to fit between 7’4′ and 9ft of ceiling height
  • Spinning and Static modes
  • 250mm and 125mm pole extensions included in the package
  • The two-piece pole that’s compact and easy to store

Pros and Cons of the Amzdeal dancer pole

amzdeal thread close upPros

Priced at around $110, you won’t believe it can withstand up to 440lbs of user weight. You can shift between spinning and static modes, extend it as needed with the included pole extensions, and quickly assemble/disassemble it.


The manual is written in German and no English translations can be found in it. However, the pictures should be enough to help you assemble the whole pole. If it’s not making any sense, you have to look for online videos yourself for guidance.

Some users reported receiving rusted components which may compromise the pole’s integrity. Check if you got one and call customer service to have them replace it.
The pole is only available in the US so you won’t get a chance to buy this if you live in other countries.


  • Where do I get the lock screws if I lose them?
    You have to go to a hardware store or Home Depot to find similar-sized screws. The manufacturer doesn’t sell extra screws for this scenario.
  • Can I install the pole over a carpeted floor?
    Yes, since carpets add grip to the pole’s base mount. Just make sure the floor is not angled to ensure pole stability.
  • Does the pole need to be screwed into the ceiling to maintain stability?
    No. The pole is fully removable and uses friction pads and pressure to stabilize the pole when in use.
  • How do I switch the pole to spinning mode?
    Just loosen the screws found at the bottom of the pole. Use the wrench provided in the package to do this.

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The pole is solid, stable, and exhibits good quality attributes which should be considered when buying a high quality pole, despite being priced less than $110. It’s a good buy for those who want to have a dance pole but are on a tight budget.

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  1. Samina Fuller

    This pole will not stay secure. I have tightened it until it’s stuck and when I try it out, the top slips to the side and won’t slide back

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