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2xhome Portable Dance Pole – Updated Review 2021

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2xhome stripper pole2xhome is more known for selling office and home accessories like chairs, TV mounts, and racks and they have created a dance pole that is really affordable and ideal for the beginner who is on a tight budget. But is it any good in 2021?

The Best Dance Poles

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Lets take a closer look.

The 2xhome Portable Dance Pole can fit in areas with a minimum ceiling height of 7ft and 2in. The fitness pole includes pole extensions to allow it to be expanded up to a length of 8’6′.

It’s important to take note that this pole is not meant for spinning moves. It doesn’t offer a spinning option. It’s solely a stationary pole built for climbs and inversions. The pole has a reliable locking mechanism that prevents the pole from unwanted spinning during use.

The upper mount doesn’t require to be screwed into the ceiling, saving your ceiling from drill holes. However, if you feel the pole needs a more solid support, the ceiling mount has screw holes in it. Make sure you screw the pole under a ceiling stud for maximum stability.

The portable dance pole takes only 5 minutes to assemble and disassemble. A carry bag is included in the package so you can just store the disassembled pole in it and bring it with you anywhere you go.

The ceiling and base mounts are made of hard plastic which limits the load the pole can hold. The maximum weight capacity of the pole is only 175lbs (found similar to this pole) ‘ a few pounds lesser compared to the usual 220lbs capacity of stripper poles.
An installation DVD is included in the package which contains instructional videos to guide you during assembly.
The pole is available in 4 different colors featuring Gold, Silver, Pink and Purple.

2xhome pole Features

  • A multi-piece pole with a diameter of 45mm
  • Fully extendable dance pole measuring 7’2′ up to 8’6′
  • Pole extensions are already included in the package
  • Mounts made of hard plastic
  • Maximum weight capacity of 175lbs
  • Gold, Silver, Pink and Purple colored fitness pole


The pole costs only $52 which seems to be the cheapest offered in the market.
Surprisingly, many buyers recommend this exercise pole. They say it’s sturdy enough to allow users to execute simple pole dancing moves.


The pole doesn’t offer a spinning option which seems to be part of the rising standard for cheapo poles released in the market. Its quality is made more for fitness exercises rather than for pole dancing routines. It may be good for balancing exercises but it may become wobbly once you execute a few pole dancing moves.Review of 2xhome stripper pole

Some say the manufacturer is guilty of false advertising in terms of the pole’s portability and removable feature. Some feedback describes how unstable the pole is when not screwed into the ceiling. One buyer even screwed the pole into the ceiling but it still wasn’t stable enough for heavy use.
There are also no options to install it on angled and vaulted ceilings.


  • Does the pole need to be screwed into the ceiling during installation?
    The pole offers the option to not use screws upon installation but we highly recommend that you screw it into the ceiling for support. The ceiling and floor supports are made of plastic and aren’t strong enough to handle heavy loads without the help of screws.
  • Does it offer a spinning mode?
    No. The pole only has a static feature. Take note that the product is actually designed more as a fitness pole rather than a working dance pole.


The 2xhome Portable Dance Pole probably is the cheapest dance pole in the market. Take note of the word ‘fitness pole’ because the product is meant for fitness exercises rather than pole dancing exercises, contrary to its advertised purpose.

It’s really cheap and has garnered mostly positive reviews from buyers, making it very tempting to buy for beginners who just want to try pole dancing. However, we think you’ll be better off saving your money for a more expensive stripper pole that’s more solid and reliable.

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