Welcome Polarina,

If you are stuck home without any way to pole dance then this is the most important message you will read today!


A good friend and student of mine, who’s a amazing pole dancer, she could do an Iron X half asleep called me in distress yesterday

Is the Pole studio still closed for next week?

I nodded, “yes hun” and it will be awhile until we can reopen

Ah Sugar Shits!!! I can’t even dance at home and I feel like all my pole gains are slipping

How long until you reopen? 

According to leaked U.S reports, this lockdown may last for 18 months?! 

Looks like this is just the beginning 

What is a polarina to do in this weird and crazy times?

Your POLARIFFIC Escape From Isolation Has Arrived!

Yes, I just used terrific and pole in one word

  • Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level Polerina – you’re literally just hours from becoming the strongest version of yourself (Do this, and these hard times will seem like a walk in the park) 
  • A cheeky yet fun way to master your pole dance skills. Take this 1 hour a day free challenge that will fill the void of isolation and transform you into an advanced pole dancer ( You’ll Iron X in 30 days or less )


  • The number 1# most powerful way to make you physically & mentally free with your own home pole setup even with limited space and on a budget!


  • It you just want to Rock The Pole… 

Then keep reading....


Escape the Corona Pole Dance Survival Guide 

In this 4 step guide, you’ll be breeze through isolation just like it’s water off a ducks back, and if you are anything like the “go getter” polerbear you think you are, then to adapt your life to train from home and continue your goal become the stronger version of yourself should be no obstacle for you, right?

I get it, this virus is serious business 

But are you going to let this
invisible bastard kick your ass into obscurity? Probably not!


You’ll transform your house or apartment into a pole dance retreat, a happy place where you can express yourself physically and emotionally

Whats awesome? you’re not alone in this, thanks to the internet!

Many pole dancers with their own pole dance setup are already taking advantage of this opportunity, and together we’ve made a support group to back it up where you can learn and have fun during this weird and wacky time at no cost

Here’s how to steam through isolation with your own mini pole dance set up…

  • Even if you have limited space (and renting)
  • Even if you’re on a shoe string budget
  • Even if you have no knowledge on how to make your own pole dance setup come to life

You can even attend pole dance lessons from quarantine (more on that later)

Lets get started….


1. Getting your own dance pole

I have written extensively about buying a quality made pole and have covered all sorts of premium and inexpensive poles under 100 (Recommendations below)

I got my new pole 1 week ago and I love it!

But I had this problem with shipping… I didnt know it could even be possible!

I recently had a problem ordering a new Lupit Pole online, they wernt able to send my order because of some postage restrictions and it was a massive headache to get a refund

In this case, I recommend using Amazon if you’re buying online

It looks like this “invisible asshat” is affecting shipping companies as well? Gosh!

So who knows when shipping products is off the table? My guess if you dont want to be left high and dry unable to pole dance at home then place your order for your pole dance pole now

Here are the recommended pole options:

X-Pole Dance Pole 45mm set...

LUPIT POLE Dance Pole for Home...

I found it for $100.37 less😍 AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole...


2. Get Pole Dance Classes From home


Youtube is your new best friend, there are plenty of great videos online from the likes of Pole Freaks and many other youtubers. If you want to explode your results with new moves from from your own quarantine bubble

Check out these low-cost online classes, they are essential to the passionate PolarBear!

123poling.com – Starting at $10 per month for on-demand pole dance classes – get a 15 day no risk trial


Now Imagine getting one-on-one pointers from 30 of the world’s best competitive pole dancers in the world

Opendance Academy – If getting lessons from the likes of Marion Crampe, OLGA TRIFONOVA, Maddi Sparkle, Pink Puma and 30 other competitive polers dosn’t make your pole kitty damp with excitement

Then this was all for nothing (Lol)

I’m kidding, but if you absolutely want to up your pole gains by 10x, heck even 32x from home then Use the coupon “basicinvert78” for 10% Off on Opendance.academy website



3. Get your sexy on! Go crazy!

Here’s the challenge

Put on some loud sexy music and get in touch with your sexy and freaky side on the dance pole.

Express yourself

Weirdly, there is science-backed evidence that suggests that tapping into your sexy crazy side releases serotonin which is like a dopamine hit of pleasure for the brain, which can help relieve stress and tension

Its so easy to have fun and get lost in it all

You will thank me later


4. Watching Reruns of Friends and Fighting Belly Flab

Netflix and chill? (No Chill because if you are single and even thinking about it, you’re breaking the social distancing laws lol)

Snacks and treats getting a little too common in life lately? (Hands up here)

Its that time you feel bloated and cranky from eating thee wrong foods. You look at yourself (Top off front view & side view) in the mirror after spending days stretched-out on the couch watching reruns of Friends on Netflix and think “shiiiiiiit….”

For the past week I’ve been doing just that, and to tell you the truth i’ve had a little too much time on Netflix and raiding chocolate tin

That said, if I didn’t someway have my mini pole dance setup to go to, I think I would be too far gone

In pole dance we trust right? Can I get a hell yeah?!

Stick to a healthy combination of a high protein + high fiber diet too and see if you dont feel like a million bucks while keeping the weight off even during cheating days with food 


In a bubble

You probably don’t wanna stick around reading more of the ramblings of a moody pole dancer stuck in isolation because, do you?

You’re living that life too

So if you wanna make your time in isolation an enjoyable one, while staying safe then do at least 1 of the 4 things on this list then you are going to thank yourself later.