safety before pole dancing

Safety Precautions Before You Start Pole Dancing

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safety before pole dancingThere are several safety measures you can do to avoid getting injured on the dance pole. If you own a studio or a gym, accidents will not only affect you or your students but can also mean the end of your business.

We’ve listed general tips that will help lower the risk of injuries but it doesn’t mean you’ll never get into any accident just by following these. You’re the one that has the sole control on what can happen during your exercise. Following our tips and combining them with alertness, a right presence of mind, and some common sense will help you finish your routine safely away from injuries.

General Tips to Save You from Serious Injuries

Keep your hands clean by washing them

Lotions, creams, and other oily substances will make your hand slippery and cause you to lose grip on the pole. Pole dancing calls for a strong grip and lotions won’t cut it.

Washing your hands helps remove all substances that may hinder you from properly gripping the dance pole. Also, if you’re in a classroom setting with several other pole dancing students, washing your hands can help prevent flu and colds from spreading.

Avoid wearing watches, rings, or any other kind of jewelry

Wearing jewelry during your routine may damage the pole or tarnish the item itself. What’s more painful is you can get blisters or abrasions by accidentally getting a part of your skin pinched in between the pole and the jewelry.

Wearing necklaces during inversions and spins may also pose hazards. These may either fly or get in the way of your eyes which are both distracting. You may suddenly lose grip and fall off to the floor because of this.

Don’t cover your palms

Directly holding the pole with your bare hands allows you to manipulate when to tighten or loosen the grip to perform the desired moves. Wearing grip-improving gloves and other kinds of clothing can hamper this kind of control, resulting in an unwanted outcome when you do spins and a few other moves. We only recommend using gauntlets that leave your palm uncovered so you can still feel the pole.

Other clothing may do the opposite of improving your grip by introducing a smoother surface between your palm and the pole, resulting in a slippery grip. This is not good if you want to do weight-bearing moves like climbing and spins where you need to maintain your position up on the pole.

Take note that having a good grip reduces the risk of getting injuries because you won’t fall off the pole easily.

If you have sweaty palms or in a location where the pole may get moist due to temperature conditions, we recommend you use grip aids instead of grip gloves or clothing.

Safety Precautions Before You Start Pole DancingHave a helper or spotter nearby

The job of a spotter is to provide their full attention and support to you when you’re doing your moves. This is very important especially when you’re doing inversions and some advanced moves. You’ll never know when accidents may occur, so it’s better to have someone nearby that can help you immediately when something unexpected happens.

Spotters can also aid you in correcting your body form and placement of limbs when you’re performing difficult moves. This usually happens when you’re doing inversions in which looking at your lower limbs or at your back may be quite difficult.

Always have a Pole safety mat

We’ve reiterated the importance, and probably the necessity, of having this gear in several articles. Just like in gymnastics, the main purpose of this gear is to cushion your fall and prevent you from directly hitting the hard floor in case of accidents. Pole dancers have higher chances of falling off the pole when they’re doing inversions and similar advanced moves.

Spotters may not also be around all the time, especially when you’re at home practicing your craft. Having a safety mat adds confidence that you’ll be safe when you suddenly fall off the pole.

Do regular safety checks on equipment

Always check your equipment first before proceeding with the exercise proper. Examine the cotter pins, screws, the fittings, and the nuts and bolts of your pole before you actually use it.


A few minutes of checking is definitely worth it because it’s your safety that’s involved in this exercise. Failing to do so may result in accidents and unwanted injuries. You wouldn’t want to just suddenly perform inversion tricks, only to find out later when you’re already on the floor suffering from injuries, that the screws on the ceiling have already loosened due to heavy use.

We’ve made a short video on how to do load tests on a removable pole. This will help you find out if your equipment is still ready for use or if you need to do some adjustments to avoid accidents.

Never take your equipment and gears for granted, whether it be your dance pole, safety mat, or clothing. Always check them thoroughly before proceeding with your exercise to reduce chances of getting injured.

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Safety Precautions Before You Start Pole Dancing
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Safety Precautions Before You Start Pole Dancing
There are several safety measures you can do to avoid getting injured on the dance pole. If you own a studio or a gym, accidents will not only affect you or your students but can also mean the end of your business. We've listed general tips that will help lower the risk of injuries but it doesn't mean you'll never get into any accident just by following these.
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