Top 9 Easy Pole Tricks – Updated Guide 2024

Do you want 9 easy pole dance tricks for 2024 then let me be your guide in this jam-packed post.

As a beginner in pole dancing, you’ll find a lot of fun moves to take and in this article, we covered some awesome and easy pole dance tricks.

However, now that you don’t have enough information about Pole dance and some of the industry’s best moves, you definitely need some information.

In this brief, I’ve asked some of the most known favorite performers, instructors and pole dancers about their best pole dance tricks and the best tips for pole dance beginners.

This was in hope that they can inspire you as a beginner and still provide you with enough information about pole dance and the best pole tricks.

Before we delve any deeper, let me set some things straight.

Pole dance is a full-body workout

Pole dance is resistance training and cardio training where trainers improve on their flexibility.

The dancers are encouraged to perform acrobatic tricks that either suspect their weight or propel it around the pole.

The action of climbing a pole might seem simple but it’s an incredible display of upper body strength.

Three main types of pole dance

When beginners think of pole dancing, they usually think of the kind that is performed in stripper clubs.

Regardless of the fact that this type of pole dance is still active to date, there are several other dance moves that a person practicing pole dancing as a sport and exercise can try.

As a matter of fact, there are three main branches of pole dancing which are sexy, art and sport.

The sexy side of pole dancing is still in practice but it has been sexualized by many people.

Sexy pole dancers usually wear heals and other clothes to display their sexy moves.

Gauging from the current pole dancing trends, more and more people have started to embrace the simplicity of pole dancing and considered most dancing moves as art.

The pole and the different moves show that there’s no shortage of creativity.

There are actually many stories that can be told about pole dancing.

In most instances, pole dancers perform barefoot and can incorporate modern dances and costumes.

Pole dancing has also been considered as a sport for its ability to flex the body and workout different muscles in the human body.

Many athletes perform difficult tricks displaying unplumbed muscular strength.

Besides that, there’s a hot debate in the market today regarding the future of pole dance.

But all the three main types of pole dance are in practice.

Easy Pole Tricks for beginners and advanced pole dancers

Pole dancing has been long used as a flexibility workout.

However, there are countless reasons why different people gets attracted to pole dancing.

If you’re one of the pole dancers looking to advance their pole dancing career, you can read below for the top 9 easy pole dancing moves that you can try right now.

The wrap around Pole dance move

This is one of the easiest pole dancing moves that everyone from beginner to intermediate pole dancers can try.

It’s actually one of the moves that you’ll start with as a beginner.

It’s easy and straightforward.

However, beginners are advised to be cautious with the moves and invest in a pole dancing mat to reduce instances of accidents and injuries.

To start on this, follow the steps explained below.


  1. Stand behind the pole – This is the first step, but you need to ensure that the inside of your dominant leg whether left or right is close to the pole.
  2. The dominant leg should hold the pole right where the hand is. This is the second step that beginners should try.
  3. Your arms should straighten up – The 3rd step is to let your arms straighten up in a way that you can feel the weight of the body hanging on the pole. After this, you should take the other leg which automatically was not near the pole and keep it straight. The next thing to do is to swing the leg outside and have it go around the pole. The dominant leg will automatically start to pivot. At this point, you should have the knee bent slightly. Do not let it be straight because this can look more graceful. The toes should be as well pointed.
  4. Hook the pole with your dominant leg – The next step is to make sure that the dominant leg has begun to hook the pole. It’s easy if you take the dominant foot and put it behind the other leg. The whole body weight should now be on the back foot which allows you a chance to wrap the dominant leg on the pole.
  5. Arch the upper body back – This is the last step that can make this move look more sexy and finished. It’s easy to arch the upper body back if you try to put the hand on the pole about the same level with your chest. This is to create a better arch. You can arch the upper body as far as you feel comfortable. However, make sure that most body weight and grip is on the leg that is around the pole.

Basic Climb Pole dancing move

We all know pole dancing for two basic moves which are the spins and climbs.

Although this pole dancing move is for the intermediate pole dancers, beginners can take the challenge.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can do the basic climb pole dancing move.

However, I must agree that this move can be a bit scary for beginners.

  1. Put the body directly on the pole. – Once the body is on the pole, you should make sure you’re about a foot away when looking at the pole. The next move is to grip the pole with the dominant hand regardless of whether you are right or left handed.
  2. Bring the dominant leg up to the pole – The second step is to take your specific dominant leg and bring it to the pole. Maintain the grip with your hand. The leg should be around the foot and the knee should be on the other side of the foot. You can actually feel the knee almost anchor itself. This is exactly what you need to pull yourself. Maintain a strong grip because if you are not anchored the right way, you can fall.
  3. Pull yourself up using the hands – The third step is to use your hands and pull yourself up. At the same time, you should be taking the leg that was still on the ground and put it on the other hand. The knee of the leg you just raised should be put on the other side of the pole. At the same time, it should allow you to have a grip with the knees. If you cannot maintain a strong grip with your leg, then you will automatically have to apply grip aids.
  4. Move the hands a foot up the pole – This step will make sure that the hands are straightened. After this, use your abs to take the knees and put them up a foot. You can do this when you’re at the same time keeping the knees bent for a strong grip. Now use the grip of your legs to propel yourself.
  5. Lean the body a bit – After you have done the climb, the next thing to do is to lean your body a bit. At the same time, make sure you are still holding the pole tightly with your muscles. You will not straighten the legs as you go up the pole. You should actually continue doing this until you reach your comfortable area.
  6. After the climb, you can now slide down easily loosening your leg muscles. There are several tactics you can try to make this move appear sexy and appealing.

The fireman spin

If you are a beginner in pole dancing, then this is among the easiest and the most basic spins to learn.

But I must admit its very sexy and mastering every move can take out time.

It actually gives you a better chance to remember more complex spins and moves.

Start by taking your hands and holding the pole with them as you are standing next to the pole.

You should be closer to the weaker side and eventually take your hands and grip the pole but you should try it a foot or so apart.

Keep the hand near the eye level but the hands over your head.

Take a step with your foot that is near the pole and take the other leg around.

Now start with the pole in static and when the momentum is going, pull up against the pole.

In this position, the arms should be taking all the weight.

What follows is to push off and jump on the foot inside while grabbing the pole with the knees and you should ensure that you’re gripping the pole securely.

Now start spinning and you can move the leg forward.

Note that the higher your hands are in the initial position, the more you’ll spin.

The last thing to do is to put the leg down and move the hips back as you put yourself in a standing position.

Now you can try to do other transitional moves.

Aerial Invert

Aerial Invert is an advanced Pole dance move that is very tricky for beginners.

Regardless of how long you have been practicing other pole dancing moves, you will probably need more strength for this advanced pole dancing move.

The simplest of all method of doing the aerial invert is a basic invert from a pole sit.

To try it, climb the pole to a sit up pose and place the dominant hand on the pole on a shoulder height.

You should now place the weaker hand on the body unto the pole above.

You should have a strong grip with the two hands.

The legs should now be off the pole making sure that the inner leg is the strong one.

Now use the hand to grip and pull up and eventually tip your body.


Here is another advanced Pole dancing move that you can try today.

Doing this method takes a lot of time to master.

However, if you have the right knowledge, you can actually find it fun and easy to try.

Before you try the Ayesha you should make sure that you are strong enough and confident.

The first thing is to go into a V invert first.

The next thing is to keep the hand where it is on the pole, Look up at the ceiling and keep, looking up throughout the whole session, now move your body slowly through the next stage and when the legs are as low as you can confidently.

When you feel steady in this position, the next thing to do is to slowly take the back foot off of the pool and eventually mirror the other leg.

The two legs should create a V shape and the legs should be parallel to the floor.

Jade split

This is a very easy split pole trick that you can still attempt and look amazing on it.

However, you must be able to establish a strong grip.

Start from outside leg and ensure the waist is in contact with the pole.

You are supposed to grasp the inside leg’s ankle using the outside hand and eventually pull it across your body.

The inside hand should be at the back of your inside hip and eventually squeeze the pole between the inside arm and the ribs.

Now unhook the outside leg and bring it next to the inside leg to get on a pike position.

The last move is to extend the outside leg into a splint and you’re good to go.

It’s important to use pole dance grip aids

Pole dancing grip aids are available in zinc powder forms, gloves, kneepads, wrist protectors and antiperspirants among many others.

It’s very important to determine the best pole dancing grip aids depending on your grip problems.

As a matter of fact, most people get sweaty during intensive pole dancing exercises.

The sweat greatly affects our ability to grip the pole properly which can be very dangerous.

If you are one of them then you might consider using any type of grip aids.

The climate of the country where you are practicing pole dancing can equally play a significant role in your ability to grip properly.

For that reason, we are here to help you choose the right grip for your specific condition.

The fact remains that it can be very hard to determine the right grip aid for you.

What this means is that you should make sure you have defined the problem at hand.

You should be sure whether you need a mild antiperspirant, a medium-strong grip product or gloves to make the whole work easier for you.

At this point, I’m going to list the best grip aid for sweaty hands, the best grip aid for dry or chapped hands, the best weather grip aid products and cold weather grip aid products.

There are few other grip aid products that you can apply directly to the pole and best grip aids to apply to your body.

Carpe Lotion

This product was not initially made for pole dancers and unlike most products; it was introduced as a treatment for sweaty hands and hyperhidrosis.

Luckily, it was made specifically for activities that needs a strong grip such as driving, cycling and pole dancing.

It is an over-the-counter treatment for sweaty hands.

Tite Grip

Tite grip is available in two different formulas, the Tite Grip 1 and Tite Grip 2 but the original product, in this case, was tite grip 1.

Tite Grip is perfect for people that have more than one grip problems.

Unluckily, it’s a strong antiperspirant which means that the hands can be temporarily stained.

iTac2 Extra strength

This is a product for people with chapped or dry hands.

It works brilliantly to give you a strong group and at the same time remove the risk of an accident.

If you are one of the people with very dry skin, you should invest in this cheap and affordable grip aid for pole dancers.

Mueller stickum spray

This is another product for people with dry or chapped hands.

The product is adored for providing a strong-level grip which makes it suitable for pole dancers and other users that requires a strong grip.

It’s perfect for people that are practicing on a larger pole.

Liquid chalk

If you wanted the best grip aids that can be applied directly on the pole, then this is the best match for you.

The product comes in a larger bottle to make it perfect to slather on the pole for a strong grip.

The main advantage is that it dries quickly which makes it a very comfortable and solid alternative.

Lupit Pole Grip

Lupit Pole grip can be applied on the skin or on the pole.

Dancers can actually use the pink side of the pillow to apply the product on the pole directly or apply it on their body.

However, you are supposed to apply this product on the pole about 15 minutes before you start.

Hydro attack Body grip spray

If you have been out there searching for the best grip aid to apply directly on the body, then Hydro Attack Body grip brings more moisture on your skin.

It contains aloe Vera that equally brings a couple of healing properties to the skin.

Stickum spray

Intermediate pole dancers might try some of the most urbane pole dances and for that reason, they might be out there looking for the best pole grip aids for spinning poles.

If that is the truth, then Stickum spray is the best match.

You can apply it to the pole or on your body regardless of the move you want to try.

Gorilla Snot

This is another pole grip aids that you can use especially if you are trying your pole dancing moves on a spinning pole.

The product has been praised for its long lasting properties and how cheap it is.


Why is pole dancing sexualized?

Pole dancing started in the 12th century and it all began in India.

It was initially practiced by men and not women.

The dance was sexualized when the dancers started to entice viewers to just come and see the women as they dance, read more about pole dance history.

What exercises are good for pole dancing?

Classic pushups are one of the best to improve flexibility on your pole dancing.

However, different people would think of different exercises to improve their upper body strength.

Some of them includes the chest-to-bar, pull-ups, handstand push-ups and bar pull-ups.

Is Pole dancing good for losing weight?

Yes, Pole dancing is one of the best exercises that women and men can try if they want to lose weight quickly.

The dance helps you approach weight loss from both strength and cardio approaches.

You can actually burn a lot of calories by climbing and holding the pole, supporting your body weight and trying some sophisticated pole dancing moves.

What’s wrong with pole dancing?

Pole dancing has been sexualized for long but now people are understanding the dance as a weight loss workout.

However, you should expect some common risks such as skin burn, shoulder problems, bruising and few other risks.

Is Pole dancing a sin?

There’s nothing inherently evil with pole dancing.

But it can be a sin when dancers make it a sexual attraction for their own benefits.

This brief has covered some of the best pole dancing moves that dancers in all levels can try.

But beginners should always take time to build their strength and flexibility to minimize chances of an accident and injuries.

These are just some of the most common pole dancing moves, the list is endless and so you should always be searching for a pole dancing move to perfect your career.