Safety First: The Best Pole Dancing Accessories to Prevent Injuries

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Before climbing the stripper pole, ensure you’re done with safety precautions and you’re wearing the right gear for your pole dancing workout. There are crash mats, grip aids, and clothing that can help you avoid getting pole burns, knee injuries and many other more serious injuries. These pole accessories are designed to ensure your safety and reduce the chances of getting seriously injured.

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Just like any sport, its up to the user to take the right precautions in educating oneself about the safety of pole dancing. Most dancers who are aspiring to perform exotic pole elements and complex dance moves need to explicitly take this on a serious note.
If you are planning to do inversion based pole dance moves then you are automatically risking head injuries if you slip off the pole. This article is specifically for dancers looking to perform these moves and we will be talking about the safety equipment that should be acquired to insure your own personal safety.

Pole dancing is fast becoming a popular fitness option for both men and women. Developments in safety equipment and gears also continue to improve to match pole dancing’s increasing advocates.
With the number of pole dancing equipment and accessories out there, you might get confused on what should be prioritized above others. Here’s our list of the most important things you should consider.

Crash Mats

LUPIT POLE Pole Dance Crash Mat Premium Model – Black, 12cm...
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Just like what its name states, it cushions your fall from the pole, preventing most injuries. Remember that pole dancing is just like any sport where accidents may happen anytime.

In 2010, a report about a woman who was doing an inverted pole trick fell head first on the floor. She was just a foot above the ground when this happened but she got her neck broken and severely damaged her spinal cord after the incident, in a few other incident reports some dancers have died be sustaining serious head injuries caused by common inversion tricks.

Accidents like this are uncommon but you don’t want to wait for this to happen to you. You can reduce the risk of serious injuries by getting a crash mat for your pole at home and in the dance studio.
Dance studios and gyms holding pole dancing classes should always have crash mats in place, especially in areas where they’re teaching beginners basic pole climbing moves.

But this is not always the case, its easier to open up a pole studio and some studios do not have the proper safety equipment like crash mats. If this is the case in the pole classes that you attend then you should take it upon yourself to either buy your own crash mat and invest in your safety or go to a more reputable pole fitness studio.

When it concerns serious injury which can change your life or even kill you, then its highly recommended that you take the proper precautions and not to skip out on your personal safety.

Read more on the best stripper pole dance crash mat options.

Grip Aids

This inexpensive product can decrease the risks of falling from the pole due to a slippery grip. It’s just like putting lotion on your hands but for the opposite effect ‘it makes your hand stickier instead of smoother’ so you can tightly grip the pole without any extra effort.

This is the solution for those who have sweaty palms due to physical activity from a typical pole dance workout. It can also be used by pole dancers who’re in areas of extreme humidity which may cause the pole to get too wet and slippery.

It can also be used on other parts of your body like arms, legs, or any body part which directly comes in contact with the dance pole.
While grip aids can’t guarantee you from falling off the pole, it helps a lot in increasing your grip to prevent you from slipping unexpectedly which may result in serious injuries.

Whether you’re doing basic or intermediate moves, it won’t hurt to use grip aids for an extra layer of protection.

Creams against Pole Burns

Mighty Grip Special Formula for Pole Dancing in Cold Climates
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Pole burns can hurt, aside from being ugly to look at when traced along your skin. Risks of pole burns may also get you distracted and hesitant to do a certain move. And because you want to avoid getting pole burns, this may force you to grip the pole improperly or put yourself in an awkward position which may lead to further injuries.

There are a variety of arm warmers and gauntlets you can wear to protect your forearm from getting scratched. The clothing should only cover your whole arm except for your hands to allow you to maintain a nice grip on the pole.
Remember that while this protects your arm from pole burns, it may also lessen the area you can use for gripping the pole because of the slippery material used in the clothing.
If you want to protect your hands too, there are gloves specially made for pole dancing. This doesn’t necessarily decrease your grip so you might want to give it a try. We don’t recommend this type of gloves, though.


These are required equipment and accessories you should look into first when you’re to embark on your pole dancing activity. Make the crash mat the number 1# priority above all else when investing in your safety. whether you’re already an intermediate pole dancer or just a beginner, anyone can fall from the pole. We’ll never know when accidents may occur so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Safety First: The Best Pole Dancing Accessories to Prevent Injuries
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Safety First: The Best Pole Dancing Accessories to Prevent Injuries
Before climbing the stripper pole, ensure you're done with safety precautions and you're wearing the right gear for your pole dancing workout. There are crash mats, grip aids, and clothing that can help you avoid getting pole burns, knee injuries and many other more serious injuries
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