Best Pole Dancing Clothes Recommendations

pole dance clothesLet’s remove the misconception that pole dancing clothing dosnt require clothing.

Back then, when pole dancing was something only seen in night clubs, this association may have been true.

But now, with the increasing popularity of pole dancing as a fitness exercise program, we should also welcome this new perspective on what pole dancing is about.

Well, enough with the lecture and let’s get down to business.

As a fitness exercise and a sexy dance sport, proper attire has become somewhat a necessity for the craft.

There are a lot of choices available in the market, each specialized for the purpose you want to use it for.

Pole dancing clothes (more on the main page) not only protect you from unwanted injuries but may also add flare to your performances.

There are clothes specifically made for regular use, providing simple yet comfortable protection.

There are also those showcasing different designs that can increase the impact of your pole dancing act but are more delicate to handle.

If you’re preparing for a competition, that’s a different matter altogether.

You have to pick an outfit that strikes the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Before you look for a pole dancing attire, you have to answer this one question first to help you narrow down the choices: ‘Will I be wearing the attire for regular pole fitness exercises or do I want to wear one to add sexiness to my performance?’
Answering this simple question will help you pinpoint the purpose of your purchase and avoid getting distracted by the number of options on the table.

Choosing the right Pole Clothes

The number of options out there can be dizzying, doing more harm than good because you can’t decide where to start.
We created this guide to help you choose the right clothing from trusted manufacturers.

We’ll continue updating this page through time, including product reviews, the type of clothing offered, and other information to help you decide which one’s the best to purchase.

Whether you’re looking for clothing for your regular routine or you want to add flavor to your performance, we got you covered.

We’ll tackle them all here ‘ free of charge ‘ because our aim is to inform you on the latest trends in the pole dancing community.

best stripper pole clothesFor Pole Fitness

These clothes are built more for regular workout routine so expect them to be quite simple in design.

Pole Candy

This new entrant in the market is based in Ukraine.

Their trademark of brightly-colored, quality clothing that’s stylish and has a great fit is their offer to consumers.

They have a wide range of tops and shorts and even a number of accessories you can all mix and match.

Their leg warmers are quite popular, so you may want to take a look at them too.

– Check out pole candy

Lil’ Mynx Clothes

Lil Mynx clothes is one of the most respected brands in the community because they offer top-quality dance poles in the market.

Many don’t know, however, that they also offer a line of pole dancing clothes.

They have clothing for both men and women, ranging from tank tops, cap sleeves, boy shorts, to hats and t-shirts.

All are quite simple in terms of design but they’re all made of quality fabric that’s very comfortable to wear.

For Added Sexiness

The clothing lines we list here specialize in making apparel that adds sex appeal to your pole dancing routine.

Wicked Temptations

They offer outfit to satiate your kinky side.

If you’re out to perform a sexy routine or looking for a costume to match your theme, Wicked Temptations provides a lot of options to explore.

Their collection of lingerie, club wear, and costumes are massive you’ll surely find something that fits your preference.