Popularity of Pole Dancing in Girls

A lot of people may think that this sensual dance should only be seen in places like nightclubs and private events, far from public scrutiny.

Getting fit with pole dancing

However, pole dancing continues to gain ground in the fitness field, attracting mostly girls to practice it either as a hobby or as part of their exercise routine.

If you don’t want to run on a treadmill (which takes up a lot of space in your house) or lift gut-spilling weights, maybe pole dancing is for you. It’s an excellent exercise that is as beneficial as any other exercise routine.

Pole dancing routines burn as much fat, maybe even more calories than if  you go to a gym class. Even the basic moves in pole dancing, like climbing the pole up and down, twisting, and spinning moves, are more than enough to get those excess fats burning. If you have a dance pole at home, then that’s even better. You won’t need to spend time and money traveling to your gym for a workout.

Aside from these reasons, pole dancing is now often performed in parties, debut, and bachelorette nights, as some sort of a fun and friendly game. Most of the time, women choose to study pole dancing so they can perform for their friends. This way, not only can they exhibit their prowess on the pole but also invite their friends to join them in their newfound hobby and exercise routine.
It may be hard to do all the planning for these kinds of events but it may be worth the effort. You’ll have a new form of entertainment during gatherings, you can share your skills, and you may be able to invite some of your friends to join your pole training.

Preparing for the party

Before buying anything, you should have the measurements of the vertical clearance of the room where you’ll put the pole. You wouldn’t want to buy a pole that will put a hole in the ceiling because it’s too tall for the venue. The pole size or thickness of the pole can affect your routines, so choose the most comfortable for you.


To give you some basis on what to buy, dance studios commonly use the 50mm poles.
After getting all the measurements right, it’s time to get a sturdy dance pole. There are many available online and in physical stores. You may want to prefer the physical shop so you can actually see and feel the dance pole before you buy it. There are also people there who may give suggestions on which will fit your needs best.
You may want to consult a professional pole dancing instructor to get tips on how to add more flare to your upcoming party. Even better, invite one to join you so you can all have basic pole dance workout lessons and get a better view of what pole dancing can offer.
Pole dancing continues to grow either as a simple hobby or a regular workout routine. Soon, we’ll see it counted as a norm in the gym, just like the usual treadmill.

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