Dancing With Glasses – The Pole Dancers Hidden Nightmare

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If you have ever wondered if there is a solution pole dancing with glasses on then you are in the right place.

How many times have you found yourself in an inversion to find that your spectacles are going to fall off your head? well you are not the only one because I for one is blind as a bat and every few years my eyesight decreases.

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Right now I just dance with my glasses off but find it disorientating when I am doing spin tricks on the pole or inversions. It’s not easy being a blind pole dancer so that, why we are going to explore the ideal hacks for you, pole dancers and, normal dancers alike.

Take Your Glasses Off When You Dance

Massively obvious right? If you can deal with them off for some time then im may be a good idea to just take them off and put them aside every time you do an inversion or spin. This is what I do for now until I get LASIK eye surgery, it seems like the only way at this point.

You’re going to like this next one because when I found it, it saved my life.

Eyeglasses strap for sports

There is a strap that goes on the arms of your eyeglasses that can be adjusted to your head and with a small adjustment your glasses with never fall off your face while dancing. It’s nice and cheap and it gets the job done, however, it reminds me of something that my dad would get.

I found it for $2.00 less😍
SUKKI Glasses Strap Holder - Eyeglass String Retainer Cord -...

LASIK eye surgery is still on the books for me, but the next method is perhaps the best and least expensive way without having to dance with your glasses on.

Contact Lenses

You probably knew that this was going to come up sometime in this post. See, its probably the best method, and you will never have problems with your sight and glasses in dance class again, and best of all your face is free from distractions. For me, I hate the idea of contacts because I don’t like the idea of putting these things in my eyes and touching my eyes.

LASIK Eye Surgery

If you have far and nearsightedness then you are not alone many people, including myself, suffer from this condition in daily life. Lasik has a relatively reliable track record for results, but unfortunately, it only lasts about 10 years and only people with the right condition can get this surgery. Talk to your doctor to see if you can get the LASIK treatment.

Final Thoughts:

If you have issues with sight and its keeping you from reaching your full potential then now you know of the few solutions available that can dramatically impact your time dancing, with less stress on losing your glasses during a performance or rehearsal.

We covered the eyeglasses strap which you can pick up for cheap, you have contact lenses and if you have the possibilities for LASIK then you may want to go down the road. At the end of the day I would personally recommend the glasses straps for sports as it seems like the most affordable option if you are in need of your glasses while dancing.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any hacks, comment them below.

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