Bloated Tummy Stopping Me From Working Out

“I’m Bloated” is probably a very common phrase when you have your period or have eaten a big meal, but I am talking about the kind of bloating that is not related to your period or the cause of a delicious meal.

I am talking about the bloating that comes out like nowhere

Full disclosure: I suffer from this unknown bloating which I cannot find a cure for despite many visits to the doctors. Nothing!
But it seems like I am not alone and I have met a few people in pole dancing where they seem to be suffering from similar symptoms.

At this point I can say that I have no doctors diagnosis because i appear ‘normal’ to them despite having to suffer through this and then figure out on some home remedies that have helped me deal with this problem as a pole dance teacher.

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Lets start, What is stomach bloating?

There are many causes, It could be trapped air, the food you have eaten (containing Garlic or Onions) or just that time of the month, if you are reading this post then you have most likely experienced the feel of bloating

  • You feel gassy
  • You burp a lot
  • Feels like there’s a brick in your stomach

If you are reading this then you are probably suffering from the annoyance of, what I like to call it ‘sporadic bloating’, basically becoming bloated for no apparent reason.

I know this is going off the topic of aerial and pole dancing in general, but as a pole dancing teacher I have to maintain the ability to teach when I am feeling bloated in class because its painful and uncomfortable and i wanted to share some home remedies that are all natural that have worked for me and my body.

Of course if you are unsure please consult your doctor before trying any of this.


I suffer from a condition where I can just bloat out of complete no where — its strange but even 10 different doctors couldnt put a diagnosis on it. I have tried all kinds of remedies from home and commercial pharmaceuticals and nothing has really worked except with the exception of a few things.

  • Baking soda, lemon and water
  • Schnapps or Jagermeister
  • Probiotics

These tend to work in some cases and they seem to soothe the bloating, but its a hit and miss as to what works.

Baking Soda for Bloating

Its common that baking soda will induce more gas and more bloating but it will promote burping which should help alleviate the discomfort. I usually drink a small glass of water with a tea spoon of baking soda along with a squeeze of lemon to help with the taste.

1 Shot

1 shot of Jagermeister or Schnapps, these are alcoholic drinks and its a remedy that has been passed on down from the balkans and it may make you question the legitimacy of my claims, but strangely enough, it works for a good temporary fix WITHOUT making you drunk


You’ve probably heard of it before on TV or from your doctor’s office, but basically it helps with your digestion in multiplying the digestive enzymes in your stomach then you are lacking.

I’ve been tested and I apparently have the right amount, however I decided to give probiotics a shot and immediately I saw a pretty drastic change in my sporadic bloating.

That said I am not reliant on probiotics supplements and I usually cycle off it after 1 week if I am having a lot of problems.
I generally take these products once a day but after 1 week i will stop taking it and then if i get any issues in the next month I usually start taking it again.

If you are looking for a good range of probiotic products then I recommend check the best place to buy where all products are FDA approved

That was just my experiences and if you have any questions and comments then please leave a comment about your experience.

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