Removable Dance Pole

removable dance pole informationIf permanent dance poles are not what you are looking for because you are in need of a more compact and portable solution, then a removable dance pole is best for you. Known as semi-permanent stripper pole or a removable dance pole, these are completely removable and portable and can be installed in different areas of your home where there is a floor and ceiling at the recommended height.

Some will instantly say that friction poles are part of the list of removable pole types, but for the purpose of this article (and because Friction fit poles are normally not secured by screws), we have prepared a separate review for it of the removable stripper pole.


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If you’re looking at removable stripper poles then the first known brand that comes to mind it that offers a wide array of pole solutions is Lil Mynx poles. Initially, this comes as a patented unit, that features internal springs, and required the use of ceiling mounts. These mounts keep these types of poles in their places. Extra accessories may be required during the installation, depending on the site of installation or the security requirements of the users. Aside from Lil’ Mynx, there are other manufacturers that tried using the technology in delivering poles, like X-Pole. For this manufacturer, the units are marketed as multi-piece units, and mounts can be purchased separately.

best removable strip polesWhy would you need a Removable Pole?

Products from X-Pole and Lil’ Mynx as well as Lupit provides amazing quality poles that are professional grade and it great value for money and are built to last.
If you are in a situation where you don’t want to spend too much money on installation costs then most of the pole brands mentioned come with easy to install requirements.

If you are concerned about your safety and the poles durability then you I would recommend sticking with the pole brands mentioned in this article and you will be looked after with their standards of quality and you will know that these poles are used my poling professionals and are often used in studios.

Here are some situations these poles are recommended:

  • If you live in a house or area with limited space. With a removable type of pole, you can easily adjust it to your liking and needs.
  • If you want to discreetly use the pole and pack it away when friends and family come over.
  • If you own a compact studio where you need to remove equipment at ease to reallocate the space to another class.

x pole removable poleBest Features about removeable poles

The best features and its limitations can help you appreciate the removable benefits. Yes, the safety level is not better or comparable with fixed poles, but you can still count on this this pole to deliver a relatively safer solution (depending on the pole brand you decide to go with as there are many cheap and bad pole brands).

Getting a one of the recommended poles mentioned in this article is essential if you are conscious about your safety and the longevity of your pole.
If you compare the removable pole to a friction fit pole, you will probably immediately notice that is looks safer and is more secure because the removable type uses screws along with the rubberized top and bottom caps to prevent any movement while doing tricks.

If you have decided that the best features of this pole type can work for your needs, we suggest that you strongly consider the Lil’ Mynx products. These units are known for quality poles alone with their excellent customer support.

Take note that installing this type of pole is very easy and is user friendly for many beginners. All you need to do it is align your pole up with the room ideally using the 4 corners of your room as a guide or using the old string from the ceiling trick to determine if the pole is straight.
You dont have to be a handyman to install this pole and all you need to do is follow the instructions of the branded dance pole that you have purchased. If you purchased from a reputable brand like Xpole, lil mynx or lupit pole ( then you can be assured that their instructions are clear and super easy. They also have customer phone lines open to help newbies install their poles.


Removable Dance Pole
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Removable Dance Pole
If permanent dance poles are not what you are looking for because you are in need of a more compact and portable solution, then a removable dance pole is best for you. Known as semi-permanent stripper pole also known as a removeable dance pole
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