X-Pole X-Stage Lite Review

x pole x stage lite reviewX-Pole is a world-renowned brand in the industry of making dance poles and related accessories. The X Pole X-Stage Lite is one of their creations that combines portability, stability, and safety features to give pole dancers the best experience during their performance.

The X-Stage Lite dance pole has the same features available on the X-Stage Standard model except for the size of the stage. The Lite’s stage measures only 4in from the ground, increasing the length of the pole up to 9ft and 8in.


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The multi-piece  stage pole features both stationary and spinning modes. You can switch between the two options by adjusting a mechanism on the pole.
The entirety of the X-Stage Lite stands at 10ft. Separately sold extensions are available for installing the pole in lower than recommended ceiling heights.

There are extensions for heights measuring at least 7’1′ up to 9’1′.
The package includes all the weight plates, base frame, mounts, screws, and stage. Carrying cases are also included in the package so you can keep all the pieces in a portable bag. The bag for the base frame has been installed with wheels to make it easier for you to move it around.

To assemble the pole, just remove everything from the carrying cases and lay out the main frame. The stage floor sections should be secured in place before the dance pole is inserted. After putting the base pole (Main Pole B) in place, tighten the screws, add the upper pole (Main Pole B), and finally secure the screws in place. Now you have a pole on top of a stage, ready for your next performance.
The Lite’s stage weighs only half of the Standard model. This makes the X-Stage Lite easier to carry around and fit in the trunk of your car.

x stage x-poleThe pole is very sturdy enabling you to do the moves you want without the need to add extra stabilizing weight. However, if you think the pole is not stable enough, you can extend its legs and add more plates to the posts. The adjustable legs can enhance the pole’s stability on uneven flooring.
Anti-slip silicone pads situated underneath the base of the stage prevent the pole from sliding when in use and also protect the floor from possible damage.

X-Stage Lite Features

  • Highly-stable 45mm dance pole measuring 10ft in length
  • Circular stage measuring 5ft and 3in in diameter and has a thickness of 4in
  • Spinning and static modes without additional costs
  • Multi-piece setup for improved portability
  • Weighs approximately 209lbs when stored in the carry cases
  • Two sets of stage panels (3 black plates and 3 plates marked with the X-Pole logo)
  • Pole with chrome finish

Pros and Cons of the X Pole X-Stage Lite Pole


The X-Stage Lite features all you need in a dance pole: stability, easy setup, wide circular dance stage, static and spinning modes, and multi-piece setup for better portability. Everything you need to install the dance pole is in the package and you don’t need any other tools to assemble it.


It may be a little pricey for many. X-Stage Lite is meant for professionals who are looking for a high-quality dance pole they can rely on for their performances.


  • Is there a solution for ceiling heights less than 10ft?
    Yes. Optional extensions can be purchased to allow the pole to accommodate all ceiling heights. Below is a guide on which measurement to buy:

    • 1000mm for ceiling heights between 8’9′ and 9’1′
    • 750mm for ceiling heights between 7’11’ and 8’9′
    • 500mm for ceiling heights between 7’1′ and 7’11’
  • Does the pole touch the ceiling?
    No. It uses the base mount and stage to stabilize the pole without the need for top mounts.
  • How do I set up the dance pole?
    An easy-to-follow manual is included in the package. You can also visit the site’s YouTube channel for instructional videos.


The X-Stage Lite 45mm Chrome is a complete dance pole package. It’s a portable multi-piece pole and it already has a stage included which you can set up anywhere you want. The height extensions are also great add-ons, giving the pole more installation flexibility.

If you’re looking for a sturdy dance pole that can be installed almost anywhere, the X-Stage Lite is the best option you can grab.

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