Sneakydeez Wrist Wraps For Pole Dancing, Gymnasts and Fitness

review of sneakydeezIt is common for people who practice pole dancing to suffer from wrist pain; just talk to a couple of dancers and see for yourself! If you are a pole dander and are suffering from mild wrist pain, there is a solution that has helped me quite a bit, so if you are looking for pole dance wrist wraps then check this out.

Last year, a lovely lady who introduced me to pole dancing mentioned that her wrist used to be in pain but that wrist wraps had really helped to ease the discomfort and add support.

Since I had also been experiencing some pain, I thought it was a great idea so when I coincidentally came across a giveaway for Sneakydeez Wrist Wraps on another pole dancing blog, I thought I would go for it. Unfortunately, I did not win the giveaway but it was exactly the push I needed to purchase a pair of my own and have worn them many times since.

sneakydeez pole dancing wrist bandsSneakydeez Wrist Wraps come in many colours and styles but I personally love them all and the limited edition series looks amazing with their own designs. Not only are these pole dancing wrist wraps visually attractive, they also do a great job in helping to stabilize my wrists which is especially important if you plan on practicing more aerial and twisted grip movements.

These movements and transitions are particularly hard on my right wrist since it is my ‘pull’ wrist (which is the hand that is always on top during the twisted grip movements), and I didn’t realize this fact for myself until I attended a class where I worked on many twisted grip movements and handsprings after a long break due to work and the holidays.

Before using Sneakydeez Wristwraps

Long story short, my wrist was in a ton of pain by the end of the class and that could have been totally avoided if I had chosen to wear the wrist wraps. Since that incident, I have been wearing my wrist wraps constantly, even when I’m not in class, and even to lyra sessions which are not usually hard on my wrists. I’ve seen a great improvement on the pain since then.

Some considerations to the source of the pain

While I’m almost certain that some of the wrist pain that I experience could be lessened by

1) Conditioning my wrists and forearms more often

2) If I lost a little bit of weight, I can’t really complain since I’m not really overweight.

The point is, I think that putting a little less weight on your wrists, especially if it is sensitive, will prevent it from hurting. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you think about the fact that you are putting over 120 pounds of weight on a fragile, relatively weak joint. It certainly helped me avoid and reduce the amount of junk food I ate, for a while at least.

pole dance wrist bandsNow using these pole dancing wrist wraps

Regardless if you are a little heavier or not, you can still suffer from wrist pain, and this is where the Sneakydeez pole wrist wraps shine!

They don’t only offer extra stability and support for your wrist, they also keep the your wrists warm which is essential! They are made from strong durable elastic and lycra (found in swim suits) so they are easily washable, their awesome colors of the designs don’t degrade and they are super simple to wrap and secure your wrist.

As stated above, they come in various colors and styles, and they are made specifically for pole dancers by a pole dancer! By purchasing your pair of wrist wraps, you are supporting a fellow pole dancer, as well as a small business! They no longer offer the zebra striped wraps that I have but there are tons of other options. You can get your own pair at

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