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The Ultimate Pole Dance Buyers Guide

If you’re taking classes on pole dancing, it may have crossed your mind to buy one for personal use. It’s not a bad idea to install one at home and practice what you’ve learned in class. Lucky for you, I’m here to …
plus size pole dance clothing

Plus Sized Pole Dancing Clothing

It can be difficult to find clothing to work out in that not only fits comfortably, but also makes you feel and look good, especially if you are a plus sized pole dancer. Fear not my follow pole dancer because in this …
plus size pole dancing for overweight

Plus Size Pole Dancing

There is no reason why women who have a larger body type can’t become pole dancers like the rest of us, it promotes fitness and healthy living empowers woman. If you have any limitations of doing pole dancing because you are plus …
Best poles for plus size dancers

Best Poles for Plus Sized Pole Dancers

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious or hesitant in any way towards learning how to pole dance or working out in general then I understand the barrier but of insecurity and it happens to all of us.   You are definitely able to …
group pole dance classes

Introduction to Group Pole Dance Classes

The number of group pole dance classes continues to spread out, as more and more pole dance studios pop up everywhere in different parts of the country asd the sport gets more popular. Pole dancing is one of those interestingĀ and exciting fitness …

Platinum Stages Dance Pole and Product Review

Platinum Stages is known for producing really heavy dance poles meant for frequent use. To be honest, we really don’t recommend their products because of the bad experiences we had with them. But that’s our personal take on their product and the …
top 4 online pole dance lessons reviews

Top 4 Best Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Taking formal classes for pole dancing lessons is an option for many who want to get into this sports dance. However, this may be quite costly and if you’re tight on budget, you may want to spend money on a dance pole …

Lupit Pole Company Review

Lupit Pole is one of the most renowned manufacturers of dance poles and accessories in the world of pole dancing. They’re known for promoting a boutique approach, wherein they provide the market with only a few options but all are highly-specialized polesĀ to …
learning basic pole dance moves

Learning Basic Pole Dancing Moves

Routines in pole dancing vary in degree of difficulty, starting from the basics for beginners to the more advanced and complex moves for intermediate and expert pole dancers. In this article, i will be discussing Learning Basic Pole Dancing Moves Moves basically …

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