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lyra hoops for sale

Best Place to Buy Lyra Hoops Online

Getting your own lyra hoop is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Looking for one with excellent quality that will last for years is not an easy task, though. Experienced performers may already have their own trusted brand favorites, but for …
learning lyra aerial hoop online

How to learn lyra hoop?

Learning how to perform on a lyra hoop is not a walk in the park. You have to take several factors into the picture including the setup requirements and the learning options available to you. We’ve summarized the most important points to …
what is a lyra hoop

What is a Lyra Hoop? – A brief history

A lyra hoop is a circular steel ring similar to a hula hoop that’s suspended in the air by a cable or any lengthy cord attached to the ceiling. It’s often used by circus performers in showcasing aerial acrobatics for their acts. …
learning aerial lyra at home

Learning Lyra Hoop at Home

It won’t be a surprise if you get dazed when you see an actual aerial performance for the first time. It’s so cool that you’d just want to try it yourself right away. Once the show’s finished, thoughts of buying your own …
benefits of aerial yoga

What is Aerial Yoga Silks?

Acrobatic and aerial arts combine with anti gravity asana to create a type of exercise called aerial yoga. The word ‘aerial’ might seem daunting at first but aerial yoga is actually a very accessible form of exercise that could help you lengthen …

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