Review of the Best Crash Mats For Pole Dancing

Why Crash Mats are important?

You will see these safety mats in all gymnastic, aerial sport and pole dancing situations for are good reason, the performers are always risking injury when they train and there should be no exceptions when it comes to the safety of users.
Without the proper safety gear you are dancing with serious injury that could lead to broken bones as well as the more serious including brain damage, permanent paralysis or even death.


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Investing in a crash mat is something that all practicing pole dancers should consider, especially if you are moving on to try and learn more intermediate and advanced tricks; it is even more important if you intend on learning or practicing pole tricks at home by yourself. It is safe to say that crash mats are real life savers.


You might be familiar with the regular, rectangle crash mats you can find at any gymnastic centers, but what exactly is a pole dance crash mat? It is essentially the same thing at the rectangle types, except it is round with a hole in the middle where your pole goes. The purpose of having a crash mat under your pole is exactly as the name suggests: if you should fall, the mat will cushion the impact so you don’t cause injury to yourself.

You should always have a spotter who is familiar with pole dance when transitioning from beginner to intermediate moves since you will be learning inversions and more advanced techniques, but there is even more comfort in knowing that if you fall, it will be a relatively soft landing. If you do intend to learn at home and don’t always have a spotter available, a crash mat on the other hand should absolutely be a necessity.

As stated above, most pole dance crash mats are round but you will occasionally find square or rectangular ones. They are also usually sections so it is easy to fold in case you need to store them, and some even have handles to make them easily portable.
If you’re still hesitant about purchasing a crash mat for your pole, consider that many pole dance studios have crash mats available, and even permanently installed for the safety of their students and even the instructors themselves; in fact, it is often outlined in their insurance policies that they are required to use crash mats. Safety is something you should never overlook or put on the back burner.

Best Crash Mats For Pole Dancing

In this article we will be looking at safety crash mats, specifically for pole dancers

We will be taking a look at the quality, features, and price range of pole dance crash mats (which can vary quite a bit). We’ve outlined a few types below:

Wacces Pole Dance Foldable Crash Mat

The Wacces crash mat has great reviews on Amazon and it retails for $127.96. It is 3-4 inches thick, and is made of cross-linked polyethylene foam core, and is covered with heavy duty, industrial grade vinyl.

This crash mat, which comes in black, blue, and pink, is sectioned into fours which make transportation and storage incredibly easy. Many people rave about the quality of this mat, and they report feeling incredibly comfortable trying and learning a variety of tricks without worrying about falling and injuring themselves.

One reviewer, however, stated that she was unable to spin on her pole while using the mat because the collar was too wide.

Thickness: 3-4 Inches
Price: $127

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Greatgymats Folding Pole Dance Crash Mats reviewsGreatgymats Folding Pole Dance Crash Mats

This pole dance crash mat comes in a number of thickness sizes, including 2, 4, and 5 inches. It is made from high density cross-linked polyethylene foam and is covered with eco-friendly yet durable and water resistant vinyl; Greatgymats even states that you will be able to use this mat in heels!

This mat measures about 5 feet in diameter and comes only in blue. It is also sectioned into quarters for easy portability and storage, and guarantees to protect your body in case of a fall.

Thickness: 2, 4, and 5 Inches
Price: $229

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lupit pole crash matLupit Mat for Pole Dancing

This crash mat is considerably more expensive as it retails for $319 on Amazon with $55 shipping. It is available in 8 cm and 12 cm thickness with a 4 foot 11 inch diameter, and comes in black, pink, and silver. This mat is also sectioned into quarters and it made of high quality fabric; the company boasts an incredibly easy setup and easy transportability.

The bottom of the mat is specifically made with anti-slip fabric that will ensure that the mat stays in place regardless of what you’re doing on the pole. In a review, one customer recommends purchasing the 12 cm thickness to ensure that you will have enough padding beneath you, especially if you are just a beginner.

Thickness: 8cm – 12cm
Price: $319

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Gymmatsdirect Pole Dance Mat reviewGymmatsdirect Pole Dance Crash Mat

The crash mat is also made from high quality cross-linked polyethylene foam core, and heavy duty, durable vinyl for the outer shell (you can walk on it with heels), and it is also sectioned into quarters for easy storage and transportation.

It is considerably thicker than other mats at 5 inches which makes it a perfect option for beginners, and it covers quite a bit of room with its 5 foot diameter; it is said to also work with all brands of dance poles without problems.

Customer reviews state that this mat had protected them from injury when they have fallen, and many of them state that this mat is large enough to even stretch on!

Thickness: 5 Inches
Price: $250

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Crash Mats are important for pole dancing? if you are interested in getting you own safety mat then you are on the right track. Check out our reviews
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